Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Resigns Over CityTime Gerald Shargel an Offer!

To know that Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn stood near Preet as he announced CityTime rip-off because 500 million is too low a figure and Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn praised CityTime and she allowed Mike to push SAIC like heroin -- that should be a Saturday Night Live skit but they are too cowardly so here I go.    Reminder Rose Gill Hearn the Cathie Black of Dept. of Investigation, Mike Bloomberg arm aka puppet.

This YouTube is processing but in a few minutes you can see me in my newest Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn drag impersonations as they both resign for being such corrupt crooks and than I make Gerald Shargel an offer he will find hard to resist.  I ask him to call Mike bloomberg, Pat Harris, her husband and step-son, Mark Page and Christine Quinn to the witness stand!

See the text portion of this YouTube for lots of links including to share holders and you want to see Westlane Police and Fire lawsuit against SAIC filed here in NY.

Gerald Shargel -- I have very few Mayor Bloomberg King of NY posters left but if you call Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Patricia Harris, her son, her husband and ask him about SAIC and the MTA deal and Christine Quinn I will give you a poster! Mike Bloomberg from term limits to perjury Haggerty trial to CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, NYCWiNs, Seedco, countless board of ed deals....RESIGN..... Me in drag as bloomberg resigning like Nixon multiwatergates and can you believe that macho het male Bloomberg oggled women's breasts at city hall and called t//s. If he did that to me at city hall I would break him of that habit on the spot and his 6 foot 5 NYPD body guards and his army of NYPD wouldn't dare stop me.

CityTime SAIC Mike Bloomberg Rudy and pals.