Friday, September 30, 2011

Christine Quinn Protects Bloomberg Blizzard Travel Contracts

NY Post Gives Christine Quinn Hell Covering up For Bloomberg -- Suzannah Troy say Vacco Costello Call Quinn to the Stand Slush Money Haggerty Trial

  Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me is so corrupt she belongs in jail but the US attorney gave her unofficial immunity on the slush (slush money is tax payer money) fund investigation which costs tax payers over 100,000 in legal bills which was exposed by The NY Post along with another article pointing out she had not filled the watch dog position on slush money abuse in 2 years).

Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello should call her to the witness stand and ask if she did infact use and abuse slush money to deny voters a referendum and push through a third term for Mike Bloomberg and herself because of a back room deal if you sit out running for mayor, I, Mike will back your run after I am done being king of New York.

Christine Quinn went from a dysfunctional person who could not even pay her rent on time causing her to be sued several times for back rent to enjoying Wall Street bail-out money being funneled to her campaign for mayor along with greedy corrupt real estate developers some posing as working for higher ed like NYU and Cooper Union.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michael Moore book signing Here Comes Trouble St. Marks Bookstore Tomorrow!

A note from Cooper Sq. Committee:  Michael Moore at book signing tomorrow St. Marks -- see details down below....

From Suzannah B. Troy Artist 

Dear Michael Moore:  Would love to chat about Bloomberg SAIC CityTime ECTP Northrup Grumman and the BIGGEST White Collar Crimes ever NYC gov....and all under Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor next and Wall St. is donating it’s bail-out money big time to her campaign....

Michael I want to talk to you  but how Cooper Union, NYU jr. is destroying and displacing communities like Columbia U. abusing eminent domain to move an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville but I will be celebrating the Jewish New Year.

Maybe you can further shame NYU jr. aka Cooper Union from not evicting St. Marks Bookstore which can’t afford to be on St. Mark’s anymore or any where in the E. Village because of Cooper Union, NYU, NYU mega-dormed the E. Village to death, NY Law has a mega dorm next to the Hells Angels and SVA all confusing the community with dorm fodder and they use their not for profit status as a tax shelter and bust thru zoning using the term “community facility”but they exclude the facility.  I demand community outreach centers in every University “community facility” so Michael Moore shame Cooper Union.

Cooper Union has this “neogtiating with terrorists” but for some reason Cooper Union did not included themselves as terrorists and NYU as well as Columbia U. in this EVENT.   

Below the email from Cooper Square  Committe and FYI here is one example how Fran and Joyce a true heres .....  Jason tells us how he is fighting cancer.  Without Joyce and the work she does he and his Mom could have been homeless living in a shelter after the mass eviction at 47 East 3rd St.

Jason’s positive attitude is heroic and he has beaten the cancer and having a home may have helped as much as being a victim of mass eviction must have hurt.

We at the Cooper Square Committee want to thank you for signing the St Mark's Bookshop Petition.

We have an unexpected update: 
Michael Moore will be at the bookstore tomorrow, Thursday at 7 pm to sign his new exciting book "Here Comes Trouble."    

Yesterday the Public Affairs Office at Cooper Union, the St. Mark's Bookshop's landlord, sent out a letter saying Cooper Union's Board was asking its Finance and Business Affairs Committee to examine the request to lower the bookstore's rent from its current $20,000 a month. The outcome will be announced at the end of October. 

We believe that Cooper Union is stonewalling this issue, hoping our community will forget about the bookstore.  We need you to send this petition out to all of your friends and family today.  Help us reach 50,000 signatures by the middle of October.  


Frances Goldin, a founder of the Cooper Square Committee, and 
Joyce Ravitz, Chairperson

p.s. Michael -- it is  Suzannah -- can we talk about the Haggerty Trial how  Bloomberg is doing to the justice system what he did to democracy when he and his mini-me Christine  Quinn denied us a referendum.

Does Christine Quinn Ever Take Public Transportation Anymore?

How much have the tax payers paid for her legal bills and for transportation for her and her significant other?  

Christine Quinn, Mike’s Mini-me Strikes Again Mike Can GPS City Workers But Not Visa Versa

Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me Christine Quinn strikes again!  

Rewind: Term limits, “deal “ordeal” to understate Bloomberg and his mini-me denying us a referendum to quashing an investigation in to Deputy Goldsmith and that is my short list.”

Will the above comment make it past The New York Times Censors?

I left out Quinn brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime and I am confident Tish James was worried to bring a third investigation because angering the little emperor wannabe means Quinn with holding money from a city council person’s community.

Mike Bloomberg is Mr. Transparency -- NOT -- from Cayman Islands to Manhattan Island the little emperor who pretends to be a public servant says none of our business but he wants to GPS NYC gov. workers!  One of the best pieces on CityTime and SAIC from way back

Here is the YouTube from over one year ago where I call Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me and refer to her as a puppet.

Monday, September 19, 2011

US Attorney LOOKs Corrupt As Well Christine Quinn Slush Fund Investigation Covered UP Made to VanishS

Wow US attorney -- aren’t you glad Christine Quinn never ever filled this position?

Is anyone connected to US attorney donating big to Quinn’s mayoral run?

Christine Quinn When Not Trying to Block Homeless People She Works on Horse Advocates
click above link to

I spoke to Andres Perez from Picture the Homeless just now and he told me that Intro 48 is being blocked by Christine Quinn!

What is Intro 48?  Intro 48 is a city council bill that would empower NYC to conduct an annual count of vacant  buildings and lots.

Why would Christine Quinn block this bill that has been mysteriously stuck in front of Housing and Building committee of City Council since February 2010.   There are believed to be 11,500 empty lots here in NYC.
was scheduled for Tuesday - Sept. 20th - 12 noon
We only learned after 5pm today that the Speaker's Office (Christine Quinn) asked that our press conference be shut down tomorrow. This conference would have been to introduce Intro 670, which deals with the "humane disposition" of carriage horses and will prevent them from going to auction. The reasons for the shut down are vague but bogus as far as I am concerned.Thanks to all of you who were planning to come out.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Christine Quinn SlushGate Tank Vote For Quinn if You Want Mike for 4th term! Scroll down until u see Ms. Slush and Intimidation dirty deals with Crowley --- Dirty Quinn won't be mayor because the voters are angry but that doesn't stop her from hiring high priced killers oops campaign people, back room deals etc. ----------- Quinn approved Sullivan and Cromwell same firm Goldman Sachs uses so what is the bill so far for high priced defense attorneys for Christine Quinn and her staff to tax Payers and it is a record? ------------ Why isn't tax payer $ for defense lawyers on nyc gov website and an app for our smart phones?

From True News!

 NYT and DN should write about how both bosses Crowley and Lopez control who gets elected to the courts in their boroughVito Lopez scores a win in Civil Court Judgeship race(Law Journal)

Or why the NYT candidate for mayor Quinn has loaded her City Council staff with Crowley flunkies and loaded his non profits with member item funds. Besides Crowley and Lopez how many non profit political machines does the speaker fund that she intends to use to help her become mayor?  Why does the NYT ignore all the elected officials supported by Crowley's machine who have been sent to jail? Or about a major federal investigation who will send a lot more of his Queens pols to jail?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chrisitne Quinn Will Note Be Mayor of NYC She is Bloomberg’s Puppet! The People are Fed-up! Mike Bloomberg is a “closet Democrat” and the Democratic Party in New York has been shooting itself in the foot to put it mildly with such high levels of corruption and cover-ups. There is no investigative reporters on staff anymore just “secretaries” copying down informericals posing as reporters. Like Bloomberg barely winning an election he spent a over a 100 million dollars on the media refused to report Voter Anger but I talked about it non-stop and how Bloomberg might not win. The media is still silencing voices so here is another heads-up. Christine Quinn is receiving the same treatment as Mike Bloomberg. She will not be mayor of NYC.

Bloomberg Weprin Turner Democrats Destroying Party Drop Quinn!
I forecasted correctly bloomberg might not win due to Voter Anger! My work was removed from YouTube as in brought down and by Mike Bloomberg's cyber stalking thugs committing aggravated harassment? How low would Bloomberg's people go? Ask John Haggerty.

Dark day for the People of New York City and for the DA as well Internal Affairs

Turner Defeating Weprin Message to Democratic Party Dump Christine Quinn

“ investigative reporters on staff anymore just “secretaries” copying down informericals 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Christine Quinn Record Breaking Legal Bills? Just wondering out loud?

Hey how much are Christine Quinn and her staff’s legal bills to date.... Quinn approved Sullivan and Cromwell for some of her staff as exposed by The NY Post so what is the burden to tax payers as of today?  Is it record breaking for a City Council speaker?

Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation Never Replaced Investigator Position on Slush City Council NY Post Josh Margolin

Mike needs Christine Quinn his puppet how made the deputy Goldsmith investigation dissapear in office to prevent other investigations that could lead to possible indictments...true or false watch my new YouTube on Haggerty Trial that begins today and by the way the NY Post had a series of article on Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn slush fund abuse and intimidation to push through a 3rd term with city council denying us a referendum.
Will Mike's use of charity money be exposed in Haggerty Trial?  Will Haggerty get to call Pat Harris Sheekey even Christine Quinn.  Mike needs Quinn to be mayor to protect him from possible indictments?

Name the NY Post reporter who exposed Haggerty and win a free trip on Air Bloomberg to Bermuda!  Joke!

Click the above link to take you to the rumors about Bloomberg using his charity money to buy council members?

On Sept. 11 -- terrorist goal to achieve mass murder, mass destruction and destroy our economy but politicians, Wall Street and others achieved the terrorists goal to destroy our on link below.

Save St. Marks Books, The Bowery and Ban Horse drawn carriages.  Click on the link and read the piece.  It is long but worth the read.
Know that 
every major newspaper published my letters until I became anti-Bloomberg.
None would cover my "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Is Democracy for Sale?" Poster lampooning him and my YouTube channel was removed for 28 hours before the election, thanks to Norman Seigel and all of you who spoke up for me.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

Joel Beneson Explain Tony Simone from Goldman Sachs As Christine Quinn’s Community Outreach Guy - Simone Curses Out the Community and We wonder Is He Calling Up Investment Banks on NYC Gov. Time fund raising?

As Sept. 12 approaches and Mike Bloomberg and Cy Vance are dreaming hard than John Haggerty on how to make the Haggerty trial disappear for John breaking some campaign laws but John Haggerty is innocent as Mike Bloomberg who absolutely broke campaign laws wiring money from his personal account to the Indepence party to be funneled to John Haggerty no one is calling for a forensic audit of how Mike actually spent his money to buy a third term.....

one does wonder if Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me is breaking campaign laws....???????

Last election The Village Voice did a scathing piece on Christine Quinn allegedly using her NYC gov staff to work on her campaign during company time and having witness Tony Simone using the F word cursing out community members who were protesting Christine Quinn and Quinn snuck in the back entrance where they take out the garbage to avoid her critics as Goldman Sach’s very best Tony Simone her community outreach guy on NYC gov payroll aka the tax payer’s dropped the F-bomb on community member who had no idea who this little man was until one protestor identified the rude man.

You have Christine Quinn coward sneaking in the back which is better than hiding behind her life partner which she has been video taped doing and her over paid community outreach guy cursing out protestors as he walks by so is Tony Simone’s only outreach job calling banks on company time to get money to pay Joel Beneson and Mark Guma.

Is Cy Vance obligated to Mark Guma for Mark making some of Cy Vance’s debt dissapear so Vance will not investigate Guma’s wife’s boss who happens to be Christine Quinn or Guma’s wife who was working with John Haggerty on Bloomberg’s campaign and the Haggerty Trial starts Sept. 12.

I called in Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg to Cy Vance’s Public Integrity Hotline for possibly breaking campaign laws but Cy Vance decided they are above the law, oops, did I say that?  Cy Vance decided not to investigate.

Christine Quinn is getting campaign donations from Banks that got bailed out so it is nice to know Christine Quinn gets bail out money from middle class and poor tax payers bailing out rich corrupt greedy bankers as well as real estate developers crushing our communities like NYU, Cooper Union and the Rudin family who decided condos are more important than a hospital in the West Village!

Joel Beneson may have worked for Obama but he has never worked for someone like Christine Quinn and Joel it is a very dirty business but you must know that...what is Christine Quinn paying you.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Artist New YoTube Bloomberg Administration Failure to Disclose Alleged Spousal Abuse Goldsmith, What Else? CityTime SAIC, Kid’s Test Scores?, ECTP, NYPD Ticket Fix Who at City Hall Got Their Ticket’s fixed?

New YouTube Bloomberg administration failure to disclose?

Mike listed as 2nd place winner Misogynist NYC tied with Dave Paterson == look to left hand side of misogynist NYC blog for NYC's Misogynist Award Winners

Mike Bloomberg Streets of NY and infrastructure cover-up except every New Yorker is living it..... The streets were better in Colonial Times.

All these years later the street 2nd Ave between St. Marks and 7th St.  a mess and I believe it was caused by Cooper Union supersizing on old NY's infrastructure.

The street conditions and beneath the streets through out entire city a terrible mess including MTA subway stations yet Bloomberg and socialite city planner went full speed a head and DOB along with DOT DEP and even Con Ed could not keep up.   

Our demands that Bloomberg put safety first was ignored.

New Yorkers Wake-Up!!! Biggest White Collar Crime Ever

Haggerty Trial

My  newest video asks what else has the Bloomberg administration failed to disclose from huge failure Hurricane Irene DOB with construction sites not securing materials and debris to John Haggerty Trial Sept. 12 and the fact Bloomberg broke campaign laws to CityTime SAIC, Spherion -- are we any closer to getting the 80 million Mike said we would get back and if not will mike compensate the tax payers and make up the difference? ECTP why no arrests and can we get money returned since we paid over 2 billion for the 911 tech system which appears flawed as well? All the board of ed tech scandals and Christine Quinn approving Sullivan and Cromwell for her staff white collar crime defense attorney and bill the tax payers so how much as christine quinn cost the tax payers with legal bills.  No wonder she wants to get her city job for as long as possible-other wise she has to pay her own legal bill and she was sued four times for not paying her rent.