Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christine Quinn, Mike’s Mini-me Strikes Again Mike Can GPS City Workers But Not Visa Versa

Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me Christine Quinn strikes again!  

Rewind: Term limits, “deal “ordeal” to understate Bloomberg and his mini-me denying us a referendum to quashing an investigation in to Deputy Goldsmith and that is my short list.”

Will the above comment make it past The New York Times Censors?

I left out Quinn brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime and I am confident Tish James was worried to bring a third investigation because angering the little emperor wannabe means Quinn with holding money from a city council person’s community.

Mike Bloomberg is Mr. Transparency -- NOT -- from Cayman Islands to Manhattan Island the little emperor who pretends to be a public servant says none of our business but he wants to GPS NYC gov. workers!  One of the best pieces on CityTime and SAIC from way back

Here is the YouTube from over one year ago where I call Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me and refer to her as a puppet.