Friday, September 9, 2011

Joel Beneson Explain Tony Simone from Goldman Sachs As Christine Quinn’s Community Outreach Guy - Simone Curses Out the Community and We wonder Is He Calling Up Investment Banks on NYC Gov. Time fund raising?

As Sept. 12 approaches and Mike Bloomberg and Cy Vance are dreaming hard than John Haggerty on how to make the Haggerty trial disappear for John breaking some campaign laws but John Haggerty is innocent as Mike Bloomberg who absolutely broke campaign laws wiring money from his personal account to the Indepence party to be funneled to John Haggerty no one is calling for a forensic audit of how Mike actually spent his money to buy a third term.....

one does wonder if Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me is breaking campaign laws....???????

Last election The Village Voice did a scathing piece on Christine Quinn allegedly using her NYC gov staff to work on her campaign during company time and having witness Tony Simone using the F word cursing out community members who were protesting Christine Quinn and Quinn snuck in the back entrance where they take out the garbage to avoid her critics as Goldman Sach’s very best Tony Simone her community outreach guy on NYC gov payroll aka the tax payer’s dropped the F-bomb on community member who had no idea who this little man was until one protestor identified the rude man.

You have Christine Quinn coward sneaking in the back which is better than hiding behind her life partner which she has been video taped doing and her over paid community outreach guy cursing out protestors as he walks by so is Tony Simone’s only outreach job calling banks on company time to get money to pay Joel Beneson and Mark Guma.

Is Cy Vance obligated to Mark Guma for Mark making some of Cy Vance’s debt dissapear so Vance will not investigate Guma’s wife’s boss who happens to be Christine Quinn or Guma’s wife who was working with John Haggerty on Bloomberg’s campaign and the Haggerty Trial starts Sept. 12.

I called in Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg to Cy Vance’s Public Integrity Hotline for possibly breaking campaign laws but Cy Vance decided they are above the law, oops, did I say that?  Cy Vance decided not to investigate.

Christine Quinn is getting campaign donations from Banks that got bailed out so it is nice to know Christine Quinn gets bail out money from middle class and poor tax payers bailing out rich corrupt greedy bankers as well as real estate developers crushing our communities like NYU, Cooper Union and the Rudin family who decided condos are more important than a hospital in the West Village!

Joel Beneson may have worked for Obama but he has never worked for someone like Christine Quinn and Joel it is a very dirty business but you must know that...what is Christine Quinn paying you.