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The Hunted and the Hated: An Inside Look at the NYPD's Stop-and-Frisk Po...

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Willets Point United: Bidding Adieu to Christine Quinn

Willets Point United: Bidding Adieu to Christine Quinn

Willets Point United: Bidding Adieu to Christine Quinn

Willets Point United: Bidding Adieu to Christine Quinn

Willets Point United: Bidding Adieu to Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn pushed the most corrupt Tsunami of Community Crushing Development, pushed through an illegal third term, pushed thru Rudin Condos instead of a Trauma level 1 hospital with a rape crisis center and AIDS care in her own district, pushed through billions of tax dollars stolen and abused historic 911 Tech Corruption CityTime 311 NYCAPS FDNY Wireless etc and oh 3.9 million stops and frisks and she thought People would rush out and vote for her?

She made her choices and she chose to be Mike Bloomberg's mini-me and not the press that endorsed her and all humiliated to be taught they can sell their lies and kill news stories but we will respond any which way we can starting at the voting booths so the media responds blaming gender or Bloomberg --- not Quinn is not an adult responsible for her own actions and her choices including selling the People of NYC out.   Quinn and the media actually believed People would vote for her?

Read my post on her role in Mark Carson's death and Quinn's role.

Don't forget when the NYPD were arresting Gay men and transgenders for condoms Quinn did nothing.

No thank you...

Suzannah B. Troy 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The NY Times Has No Shame Christine Quinn Lost Because she is a corrupt Liar had nothing to do with sexuality or Bloomberg

Christine Quinn losing had nothing to do with her sexuality.   Christine Quinn is a sell-out and a liar.
I wrote the media like Wall st would not learn their lesson and go back to biz as usual selling lies killing news and today proven right again.

Don't hold Quinn responsible for her choices blame gender, blame Mike Bloomberg....
she isn't a grown up adult but a victim yeah right.  She is a corrupt liar far more ambitious than
intelligent or should would have figured out no one was buying her lies or the media endorsement.
Is this the first time the media as a block endorsed someone and they lost?

Carolyn Ryan and Quinn can use their sexuality and blame it as much as they want but the People are not buying my Wall St Journal Comment and ask Bill Keller and Carolyn Ryan about St. Vincent's Hospital, 911 tech corruption the largest corruption EVER in NYC Gov history, CityTime etc.
This post is racking up reads and more proof it had nothing to do with gender but with arrogance and I also predicted the powers that be have learned nothing so they treat Quinn like a child blaming everyone but herself as she herself did not make her choices and they were corrupt and dishonest.

Ask why they covered up Christine Quinn's direct role.   They paint Quinn as a victim when she is the abuser given special treatment and protection by Preet Bharara and slush abuse is just once example and Cy Vance who won't go after St. Vincent's Crooks because it would bring light to Rudin's acquisition pennies on the dollar?  and Ditto for 911 Tech Corruption and Bharara should have come in and taken the 911 tech corruption case.    Quinn needs a gov job to pay for her lawyers and she will need them the CityTime trial unfolds because she could have stopped SAIC in their tracks along with Spherion, TechnoDyne and my guess is Ariel and Gartner also played corrupt roles CityTime Crime.

The New York Times, The NY Post and the NY Post all who endorsed Christine Quinn were sent yet another message by Voters -- I predicted the Voters express a Tsunami of Rage against Quinn and  I predicted that the Arrogant New York Times, NY Post, NYDN who insulted us killing news stories and were so arrogant and insulting they actually believed we bought their lies and cover-ups for Bloomberg and Quinn would actually vote for Quinn -- I predicted --- they wouldn't learn from Sept. 10th's message and I was right.

The New York Times is so sexist they are blaming gender but Quinn was a grown up who chose to sell her soul and sell - out the People of NYC -- she and the media thought we would be their lies and cover-ups and take their endorsement seriously.

The WSJ is the only one to allow me a comment so their's is my only link but the media that backed Quinn like an Orwellian Greed Machine predictably did not learn their lesson and remain as arrogant as ever.

he New York Times, The NY Post (so that would mean the WSJ), The NYDN were so arrogant they endorsed Christine Quinn and just like term limits silenced all critics and killed extremely urgent news stories to protect Christine Quinn's role in making sure we did not have a Trauma Level 1 Hospital but Rudin Luxury Condos, how Quinn helped push through a billion dollar plus over run on 911 and 700 million dollar over -run on CityTime and more tech disasters and yet she would like and lie and have guys like Tom Duane go out and lie about her role preventing us from having a Trauma Level 1 hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care and they media killed all this news and the media along with wall street and all reach arrogant people that SILENCE the truth and voices in opposition were so arrogant they thought the People they continue to harm and lie to would go out and vote for her?

Christine Quinn lies and lies as does Bloomberg and how many others the media protects like Scott Stringer and I wrote just like Term Limits the media would be sent a message and would learn nothing just like Wall st learned nothing after Wall St imploded.

Biz as usual selling lies as usual.

No one has reported her entire community came out against her voting against her because of NO TRAUMA Level 1 Hospital....
Not news.

Yesterday 9-11 a reminder St Vincents Hospital was open during the terror attacks and Bloomberg and Kelly want to validate their corrupt dealings using terrorism fears yet they support Rudin Family Greed and No Hospital like St Vincent's that was ready for a terror attack disaster or Hurricane Sandy and St V's generator's worked during Hurricane Sandy but no Hospital and 311 another tax payer Titanic and 911 didn't.

The media has gone back to Arrogance 101 and doesn't learn the lesson Sept 10 we aren't buying your lies even if we occasionally buy your papers.

Now the media selling the lies it was Bloomberg and Quinn her self lied and lied and pushed through historic corrupt dealings a real estate Tsunami of Community Crushing Development, Term LImits and the most historic White Collar Crimes EVER in NYC Gov History starting with 911 Tech corruption, CityTime, 311, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, Board of Election Tech corruption, BOEd tech corruption, NICE (not nice housing tech mess) and more.

The NY Times Has No Shame Christine Quinn Lost Because she is a corrupt Liar had nothing to do with sexuality or Bloomberg

Monday, September 9, 2013

The NY Times, NY Post, NYDN, 1% er Didn't Learn from Term Limits Endorsing Chris Quinn Another Lesson they won't learn from because they are too arrogant....

The NY Times, NY Post, NYDN, 1% er Didn't Learn from Term Limits Endorsing Chris Quinn Another Lesson they won't learn from because they are too arrogant....

Wall St Imploded, we bailed out banks, some people did not survive Bernie Maddoff's evil and what was learned from all this?

Not much biz as usual with the largest corruptions EVER under Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn who sold the lie we needed Mike for a third term to help as with the economy as he, Christine Quinn and the oligarchs of NY grew richer and still The NY Times and The NY Post and The NYDN endorsed Christine Quinn just like Wall Street learning nothing from what I had predicted 6 months before Mike barely won an illegal third term....

I made this YouTube  -- do not believe the media Mike Bloomberg may not win due to Voter Anger.

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Look at the date...

Well the media machine truly mostly all  about wealth and greed did it again having learned nothing from Mike Bloomberg barely winning despite using mega millions, he and Quinn illegally using slush aka tax payer money, Mike's charity to funnel money for votes, Bloomberg Quinn back room deals with real estate magnates --- they learned nothing....

Christine Quinn is so arrogant she went along with it all as she has for so many years acting as mayor Bloomberg's deputy mayor and September 10 they are all getting another lesson..

If Quinn does not get the mayor job or an NYC gov job let's hope her wife got a pre nup because Quinn's legal bills and troubles are going to be heft and she has relied on the tax payers and protection from Cy Vance and Preet Bharara who will continue to protect her but she won't have the shield of NYC Gov anymore.

The NY Times, The NY Daily News and The NY Post clearly have learned nothing as they are going to be taught another painful lesson in humiliation as they endorsement of Christine Quinn means utterly nothing.

Sept 10 expect a Tsunami of Voter Rage directed at Mike Bloomberg junior Christine Quinn.

click on the links below -- New  Yorkers are paying attention and they are very angry with good reason.

Bill De Blasio Rises as Christine Quinn Ray Kelly Fall to New Low

Bill De Blasio Rises as Christine Quinn Ray Kelly Fall to New Low

New Yorkers have Bloomberg burn out and Quinn and Thompson are Bloomberg Lite.

Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito, read the flyers posted around her district proof of why she should never hold office and if only the City of NY could force her to sell her townhouse since she is a millionaire and that not meant to be sold for bubkas to a millionaire.

I am voting for De Blasio but the fact James Capalino already has leached on to Bill De Blasio is sickening....Capalino is part of the kabal responsible for why we have no Trauma Level 1 Hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care because Koch's guy is an expert on Betrayal....and Capalino helping out Koch's landlord Rudin family Greed so who needs a hospital.

Unless you are part of the 1 percent you know already we are living in a glittery dinksiville here already thanks to the most corrupt NYC EVER under Bloomberg Quinn with the 911 Tech corruption and CityTime the 2 biggest corruption scandals in the HISTORY of NYC gov yet Bloomberg's thugs sell his legacy has fantastic.

The same thugs endorsed Quinn, yes The NY Times, NYDN and NY Post and they are in for a yet another shock at the voting booths unless Board of Elections can fix a fake win for Quinn and with the levers thanks to yet another tech scandal theoretically Howard Rubenstein or Bloomberg or Wall St or NYU and Rudin, Columbia U, Cooper U, anyone who wants more Bloomberg years could chip in to bribe Board of Elections to give Quinn a fake win....hardee har har.

(The Board of Election tech corruption yet another Bloomberg Quinn Scandal like 911, CityTime, 311, NYCAPS, FDNY Wireless, NYWiNS, countless Board of Ed tech corruptions, etc. now repeat after me Bloomberg is a great biz man and tech whiz he  and Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson are not responsible along with Mark Page and most of City Council for over-runs in the billions for tech contracts where we over paid contractors and high priced consultants including Gartner Group!)

Reminder Ray Kelly and his wife took free rides on Air Bloomberg when Ray knows he isn' t suppose to take a free cup of coffee from a diner.

Dr Fagelman lives near RAy Kelly and works by the First Precinct, Internal Affairs and 1 Police Plaza.

Hey Ray and all mayoral candidates.  Don't I have a right to go to a medical office and after a $430 medical procedure not have my retina punctured from a running punch to my eye by Delita Hooks Dr Fagelman's extra special receptionist and office manager who was not fired or arrested and she filed a false cross complaint which was mysteriously sealed.

Ray Kelly's popularity has gone the way of Mike Bloomberg's and Christine Quinn and Ray won't be getting a job as head of homeland security.

Ray is just lucky he isn't going to jail like Bernie Kerik did.

Why did Internal Affairs give my allegations of coercion which by the way are  a fact to Lt Agnes of the Integrity Bureau who refused to interview me just like the NYPD refused to meet with me and interview everyone involved and witness including Dr Vine's assistant who witnessed I doubled back to get Dr Vine's help and wanted to know what is with her -- Delita Hooks who was stalking me as I sought help from my MD Dr Vine.

IAB let Det John VErgona retire rather than arrest him for coercion and Delita Hooks is still sitting at the front desk blaming me to anyone to stupid or amoral to understand she had no right to repeatedly violate my body let alone yell at me I have no rights who am I?

Internal affairs cannot police themselves let alone the NYPD and Ray's IAB parallels 911 tech corruption with a fortune of tax payer money poured in to utter failures and scams.

Ray's career is over and he could never be mayor -- he has fallen harder than Christine Quinn and who thought that was possible.

Ray has fallen from grace.   No serious contender for mayor would even mention him except to castigate him.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Christine Quinn Divorcing Mike Bloomberg? No Just Faking it!

Well done.  A faux marriage and faux divorce because NYDN nypost nytimes Wall Street united with real estate developers corporate greed to steal this election and put Quinn in power so Mike and pals can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course.  My post on nytimes NYDN nypost Wall st Chris Quinn united as one I guess a marriage huh high traffic. Quinn changing her stance faux divorce all lies.  Let's who they don't pay off Board of Election to steal a win!

Suzannah B. Troy

St Vincent's Hospital ad Quinn Betrayal post lots of traffic this am too.

Roots of Betrayal - DisplaySeptember 3, 2013

Read a free preview of Roots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn on Scribd.

New YouTube video : 

Christine Quinn and Michael Bloomberg

 File For Divorce 
Christine Quinn and Michael Bloomberg File for Divorce

Here are the five times that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has taken positions on either extending, preserving, or over-riding term limits during her career in New York City Council.  
  • In 2001, Christine Quinn confirmed to Gotham Gazette that she would not support an extension to term limits.  Read more.
  • In 2001, Quinn wrote about the dangers of term limits.  Read more.   
  • In 2002, Quinn voted to extend term limits.  Read more.
  • In 2007, Speaker Quinn said she would not support extending term limits.  Read more.
  • In 2008, Speaker Quinn voted to overturn term limits.  Read more.

A free preview of Roots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn
has generated over 18,000 combined reads on Scribd.  

Take a look at the only examination being given to the arc of Christine Quinn's political record during the 15 years of her time in public office.  Take a sneak peek on Scribd right now :

BQ Brew

Louis Flores participated in a Q&amp;A with
Manny Jalonschi from The BQ Brew

"His detailed analysis of Quinn's rise through the political ranks is textured within a historical context that definitely merits consideration." 

Vol III (Final)

Four bookstores in Manhattan and Brooklyn 

Roots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn can be purchased at any one of these independent bookstores : 

Research from Volume I of ''Roots of Betrayal''
triggered a Front Page 
article in  

The New York Times

Quinn's tenure at the Anti-Violence Project involved a controversial purging of staff, and Quinn's participation on a police brutality task force under Mayor Rudy Giuliani led to watering down of recommendations to reform police brutality.  These episodes were documented in Volume I.  These same episodes then showed up on a Front Page article in The New York Times.  Read how ''Roots of Betrayal'' is altering the political discussion in this year's mayor's race.

Read The New York Times article : Quinn's History of Mastering the Insiders' Game

Contact Information : 

Louis Flores
Please donate $25.00 via We Pay to help support the publication ofRoots of Betrayal : The Ethics of Christine Quinn.
Donate $25.00

This email was sent to |  

''Roots of Betrayal'' Book Project | 70A Greenwich Ave., No. 342 | New York | NY | 10011

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Joe Lhota Endorsed by NY Times Kitten Killer? Chris Quinn Lhota Anti- Trauma L1 Hospital pro rudin condos

Joe Lhota Endorsed by NY Times Kitten Killer? Chris Quinn Lhota Anti- Trauma L1 Hospital pro rudin condos

Joe Lhota Endorsed by NY Times Kitten Killer?

Joe Lhota Endorsed by NY Times Kitten Killer?

We knew that Joe Lhota and Christine Quinn don't value the lives of anyone who
needs a Trauma Level 1 Hospital in the West Village along with a  Rape Crisis Center
and AIDS Care but wow --- this photo speaks volumes.  I PRAY BILL DE BLASIO WINS!

Joe Lhota and Christine Quinn support Rudin Luxury Condos instead of a Trauma Level 1 Hospital with Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Christine Quinn Endorsed by NY Times, NYDN, NY Post Term Limits Dr Martin Luther King 3.7 Million Stop and Frisks

Christine Quinn Endorsed by NY Times, NYDN, NY Post Term Limits Dr Martin Luther King 3.7 Million Stop and Frisks

What is the difference between The NY Times, The NYDN and The NY Post?

None when it comes to pushing through an illegal third term for their financial gain and greed and now endorsing a woman that pushed a one billion dollar over-ride on a 911 tech system where she was alerted HP was stealing according to rumors but rumors which I believe are true are not necessary to rely on because just like CityTime it was simple math we were being robbed!!!!!

Quinn approve a 1 billion dollar over ride on 911 Tech corruption, 700 million dollar over-ride CityTime Crime, NYCAPS 277 million dollar over-ride, etc.

When you vote you and you must vote against her you will use a lever or a pencil because the Board of Elections tech deal with corrupt and hey don't forget to look at consultants and what they billed us as well starting with Gartner Group.

We have no Trauma Level 1 Hospital in the West Village with A Rape Crisis Center and AIDS care just Rudin Luxury Condos because Christine Quinn Sold us out to Rudin Family greed.  She pushed through an illegal third term.

If this in part why the NYPD and Internal Affairs without any fear of the consequences for fixing a violent crime.  Ask Christine Quinn about me being a victim of a violent hate crime at Dr Andrew Fagelman medical office by Delita Hooks.  She saw me as someone who had no rights and she yelled at me I have no rights so in my opinion it was a violent hate crime.

I have proof the NYPD coerced me to drop charges and IAB knew this and allowed Det John Vergona retire so now I have proof IAB involved in the crime by letting him retire rather than arresting him.

Coercing a victim of a violent crime to drop charges is a crime and I have this video, medical reports, photos before and after and proof Internal Affairs involved in criminal activity to fix this crime first and foremost by allowing Det John Vergona and his supervisor to retire.  

IAB was willing to participate in criminal behavior to protect the NYPD and corrupt cops including those that sealed Delita Hooks false cross complaint also a crime to protect the NYPD role in knowingly using a false cross complaint to threaten me with false arrest and after 4 days with a hole in my retina, my neck in a brace with MRI to document bulging and herniated disks in my cervical spine Det Vergona succeeded in his criminal activity to coerce me to drop charges to fix it for the MD's office and FYI the NYPD met with her my savage attacker and refused to meet with me to see the damage she did to my eye and body as I held 2 bags I heavy, and my Iphone and my arm numb 2 injections in my elbow. 

My lawsuits stats state over 1,000 reads....

The NYPD and IAB fixing this violent assault which goes black when Delita Hooks lands a running punch to my left eye making a hole in my retina has 15, 343 views as up 8:30 Monday night as I work on this post for tomorrow am.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fran Lebowitz NY Times Video on Mike Bloomberg She is endorsing DeBlasio

Watch The NY Times Fran Lebowitz Video and yes we all agreed Mike got bullied as a little slight boy and we are all paying the price....yes you are right and she endorse Bill DeBlasio.

Fran Lebowitz:  Ask Mike Bloomberg, Bill Rudin, Amanda the People's Burden, Scott Stringer and all City Council members except Charles Barron why we don't have a trauma level 1 hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care like St. Vincent's Hospital but Rudin Luxury Condos.

They pushed through a corrupt dangerous Tsunami of Community Crushing Development like they pushed through an illegal third term.

I went to bed in the East Village and woke-up in the bad xerox of mid-town.

When Mike Bloomberg's says progress he means get your moving van.

I dubbed Mayor Bloomberg King of NY, Christine Quinn his mini-me, I call Mike Baby Putin and NYC putin-ville.   I am no longer allowed to comment on the NYDN and ask Jim Dwyer why my comment isn't posted on his faux article on Bloomberg and Technology when Mike is responsible for the largest abuse of tax payer dollars EVER in NYC history along with Christine Quinn and Team Bloomberg Rose Gill Hearn included on CityTime and 911 Tech corruption the short list yet they paint themselves as heroes and The NY Times along with all the media silence critics and whistle blowers. z

Fran, Bubala, Oi Vey (oi feminization) Oi Vey what you don't know about Mike Bloomberg a closet case Richard Nixon who should have been forced to resign by investigative journalist but we don't have any --- just ass kissing secretaries posing as newspaper reporters?

I got naked because my won't -- he won't be transparent from the Cayman Islands, Steve Rattner
and pay to play raiding our NY Pensions, Rattner paid to play, paid to not go to jail, paid to not plead guilty and how do you Mike and Steve explain that and Steve pleading the 5th 64 times to NYC School kids Fran?  Calling Mike "suburban" funny but understating it.


Published on Aug 6, 2013
911 Tech Corruption CityTime Crime 311 and more illegal third term community crushing development perjury during haggerty trial yet media covering up and puppets like Bill Keller selling a lie and FYI Sally Goldenberg of the NY Post thinks Mike is svelte!

In a million years I never imagined Jim Dwyer would kiss Mike Bloomberg's ass and turn his back on the People of NY.  That is a shocker reading his piece and The NY Times and Jim prevented me from commenting?

ps Andy Cuomo a closet Mike minus the billions oops closet Nixon too....

Oh and Fran check this out and read the last sentence but what the video of me being violently punched in the eye Dr Fagelman's Delite making a hole in my retina.   Fran, any idea why the media hasn't picked up this shocking story but the YouTube is about to break 15,000 views?

This book on Jodi arias is shooting for the best seller's
list but I won't be buying it.  

Meet the Jodi of reception desks who the NYPD and IAB helped get away with everything and I get a heads up via a new yelp review she is still at the long closed off front desk lying about what she did to me and about me!!!! Some medical office!

Delita Hooks tried to beat me up very much like internal Affairs bureau Capt Wright beat his lover punching her in the face actually knocking her out and leaving her there on the ground.  Problem
is I wasn't Delita Hooks lover but a medical patient who had just received $430 medical care, arm numb, holding 2 bags on my shoulder and my iPhone in my right hand my dominant hand which I never put down. 

watch a video on how not to treat customer  $430 medial visit punched in eye NYPD IAB fixed not fired

I call Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of reception desks.  The NYPD and Internal Affairs helped her get away with everything but murder.  If you think your receptionist is awful jut be happy she has never come out from behind a long reception desk to make a hole in your clients retina and damaged your customer's neck and lie to the NYPD about it confident for some reason the NYPD would fix it!

 Strange huh!   Yup Internal Affairs and the NYPD acted like they get Viagra from Doctor Fagelman or something because everybody agrees you do not get to hit a medical patient EVER.  You don't punch a customer and her throwing her shoes a clue something is very wrong in Dr Fagelman's choice for a meeter and greeter at the front desk.

I call Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of reception desks a violent liar who the nyod and now I have learned internal
Affairs help get away with everything but murder. 

Yesterday I found a new comment by a patient of Dr Andrew Fagelman's on his yelp review careful not to slander me but it seems Delita Hooks thanks in my opinion to an equally sick doctor her employer who refused to fire her and really shockingly corrupt NYPD officers AND internal affairs officers as well as integrity control Lt Agnes fixing it so corrupt Det Vergona using Delita Hooks other crime so far got away with coercing me to drop charges was allowed to retire so 10 months and 14 days after Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of reception desks is still lying to patients nuts enough to believe her lies and slander that I said anything as this new wacky yelp review so subtly implied.  

I wrote the patient thanking him for not slandering him and assured him Jodi Aria and Ted Bundy had people say how nice they could be as well.   

You don't get to hit patients. 
They are plenty of people that posted bad reviews or have told me about her attitude problem. 
She made a hole in my eye in my retina. 

I sent him the lawsuit against the City of NY, NYPD and IAB on and told him it is the first lawsuit. 

I told him I am thankful she did not kill me. 

It is mind blowing Dr Fagelman paid her for her time and both he a medical md and The NY Police Department and IAB is the reason Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of medical reception is still sitting their lying.  A nyc school teacher who went there because her union has him on a list and the location is convenient described her as a beautiful bitch.  She too said Delita Hooks has an attitude problem. 

The video with almost 15,000 views and everyone who is watching her threatening to slap the crap out of me repeatedly assaulting me is the reason she is acting nicely these days.  

I believe Dr Fagelman got fixing and favors from an NYPD patient and the NYPD and IAB retaliated against me for being a whistleblower as the NYPD IAB has done in the past. I believe they ignored same precinct same Det squad doing some creative policing with a 911 whistle blower.  

It sure seems like NYPD and IAB are all getting Viagra from Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks "Jodi" sure can sell a blatant lie.  Even with Delita Hooks lies there is no sane person who can justify her violence and the video proves NYPD and Internal Affairs Bureau in on fixing the crime which again for me is shocking.  

A medical office is suppose to be a safe place.  Delita aka Delite aka Dee I dubbed Jodi is still using all her talents to sell a lie to patients that will listen and Sr Fagelman in my opinion as sick as she is. 

He has haters.  There were yelp reviews warning patients not to go there.  

Critics do not like him and Delita Hooks as well as the staff.  One person on yelp described the staff as bipolar. 

As I write this the right side of my hand and part of my arm goes numb this increased numbing after assault when she kept ripping and pulling at my hair and it looks like I will need a 2nd surgery down the road as scar tissue continues to grow where she made a hole in my eye and the surgery is more serious.  

To know Dr Fagelmam did not fire her and as the yelp review makes playful light of a violent assault of a medical patient very upsetting to know her pals at the precinct sealed her false cross complaint which they should have taken to the DA and Internal Affairs as well.  

My goal to testify against NYPD and IAB named in the lawsuit and others in front of a new Commission.  We just need a new mayor that does not protect NYPD corruption and abuses like mayor Mike Bloomberg.