Monday, July 30, 2012

Rudin St. Vincent's Hospital Turner Construction Removal of The Cross More Bad Karma

How would you like to be one of the workers tasked with the job of having to remove the religious cross that has stood atop of the Smith - Raskob building since the early fifties when the building was first constructed.

Word on the street.... I hear..... heart of hearts--- no good will come to anyone that arranged this deal!

No matter who they were, G-d was watching this includes the actual hospital people, the politicians (The King, Quinn and forget not Stringer) and of course the Power Hungry Greed Ridden Rudin!  
The monies connected with the property will be bad luck bucks, In the long run this will be like no other deal they have brokered. Wait and see.

Rosie O'Donnell  a mother with how many kids bought condos in Rudin St. Vincent's complex and there is no Trauma Level 1 Hospital, no Rape Crisis Center or AIDS care.   

Christine Quinn locked out her own district from testifying they demand a Trauma Level 1 Hospital and they wanted protective zoning for a hospital only as Rudin and his payed hired hands all walked in.
Read the above link to learn more about corrupt Christine Quinn who thinks she can use the gay card to get away with everything including worse than betraying her own community.  

By the way how is the prosecution of St. Vincent's Crooks going Cy Vance....oh you don't want to bring more attention to  the Rudin family acquisition of St. Vincent's?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fran Lebowitz Gives Blooomberg NYU & City Council Hell!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

Fran:  Here I am protesting Mayor Bloomberg's 3rd term at the inauguration.

I yelled at corrupt Christine Quinn and found myself surrounded.

Photo by Richard Cohen by of Corbis  Collection.

look at date...

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York 
my first YouTube 
he isn't going to break any laws -- he is just going to change him....

Fran:  Amanda Burden a MEGA millionaire...and don't forget Christine Quinn for an open lesbian she is in bed with how many billionaires.  Quinn locked out her own district to prevent them from testifying they demand a hospital in front of city council -- the fix was in...

Friday, July 27, 2012

Christine Quinn Could Eat A Live Human Baby NYTimes wouldn't Cover It!

    • Donny Moss Quinn could eat a live human baby in front of a live audience, and the NY Times wouldn't cover it. They want her in....
      45 minutes ago · 
From Suzannah B. Troy: Just like The NY Times silenced all voices in opposition of Mike Bloomberg -- here we go again with Carolyn Ryan refusing to report Christine Quinn's very own district outraged with her and that fact there is no Trauma Level 1 Hospital, No Rape Crisis Center (some feminist icon), No AIDS care..... The community is outraged by what is going on with Rudin Construction and all the most businesses dying. I handed out flyers with Carolyn Ryan's tele no at The NY Times and said tell her your story. Did she publish one! Shame on Carolyn Ryan and The New York Times!!!

Watch this and listen to the lawyer for Greenwich Village Society!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christine Quinn Uses NYPD to Harass Protestors Yet Again Including Elderly! Little emperor wannabe Christine Quinn and Chuck Meara have their pals in the NYPD but FYI it is a public sidewalk and this is the USA!!!

Is Christine Quinn that threatened by peaceful protestors who are her critics?

Christine Quinn Mogul Mike NYU Evil Empire Beast Throws Democracy and Community to the Wind AGAIN!

So corrupt just like USPS illegal air sale to NYU over St. Ann's from 1847.  NYU green with greed -- more concrete less sun, tear -up trees, up root people.   when Mike bloomberg, Christine Quinn, Amanda the People's Burden say progress they mean get your moving van.  They are robbing the heart and soul of this city mega dorming the E. Village to death, corrupt Columbia U expansion abuse eminent domain, NY Law Dorm broke zoning laws next to Hells Angels. Higher Greed Sexton should be fired.

In bed with Bill Rudin Rudin Family Greed as well killing our communities with greed and stupidity

Friday, July 20, 2012

Christine Quinn Book The Dirt Donate KickStarters Pub Date Same as Her Book Release!

Make a Donation:  I did! Thank you,  Suzannah B. TroyHi,

This week, I launched my Kickstarter book project.  I am raising money to self-publish my book about the corruption that has taken place in New York City under the Christine Quinn administration.

My book is entitled, “Roots of Betrayal :  The Ethics of Christine Quinn,” and I will take a ''behind the scenes'' look at New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's politics and ethics.  I aim to show you how a politician, who claims to be transparent and ethical, has demonstrated herself to be just the opposite. 

But I need your help to publish this book.  My goal is to raise $6,000, and I am trying to do it by inviting my activist friends to pledge $55.  But it is up to you how much you want to pledge.  You are free to pledge as low at $1, or you can pledge more.  If you go to the Kickstarter pledge, you will see the rewards that I am offering in exchange for your support.  Further below, I provide an itemization of how the money will be spent.

Next year, Speaker Quinn is expected to publish her memoirs as a slick public relations stunt during the race for mayor of New York City in 2013.  Her critics allege that the press does not hold Speaker Quinn accountable for her record of undermining democracy.  In 2008 and 2009, Speaker Quinn worked hand-in-hand with Mayor Michael Bloomberg to purposely deny voters a referendum when they overturned term limits.  Just the way that term limits were overturned -- a series of back room meetings (and some say, deals), all away from public participation and scrutiny -- still draws much heated discussion in New York.  For years now, Speaker Quinn has been using discretionary funds to thwart the full participation of other City Councilmembers in the city's legislative agenda.  Speaker Quinn has even gone along with Mayor Bloomberg's budget cuts to the office of the Public Advocate, at each turn choosing to go along with what is not right in order to get along with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  Speaker Quinn is undermining any oversight and accountability in public office.  The story of the relentless hospital closings will also be featured in my book.  

This Kickstarter project will help me to raise money in order to self-publish this book -- in order to to tell the whole story. This is how the money will be used : 

 - I need to pay $2,300 so that my manuscript can be transformed into a book by a self-publishing company. 
 - I am also raising the modest amount of $3,100 to pay for marketing materials and to promote my book on the Internet. 
 - Kickstarter will keep $300 for hosting my fundraising campaign.
 - Amazon will keep $300 for processing all of the secure payments made to support this Kickstarter project.

Please pledge what you can, and then help me to spread the word about my book by forwarding this e-mail to your network of friends and activists and by posting a link to this KickStarter project on your Facebook page.

The way that Kickstarter works is that the only way that my project will be funded is if I can raise at least a minimum of my fundraising goal.  The amounts that are pledge are not processed on your credit card until my project is fully-funded.  So, I would be very grateful if you could make an effort to help me spread the word about this project.  

I attach a flyer that I will be passing out this week-end.   Thank you for everything you do.

Louis Flores

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rosie O'Donnell Luxury Condos No AIDS Care Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Hospital   Shocking Rosie O'Donnell would do this -- she doesn't understand luxury condos can't do CPR and there is no Rape Crisis Center or AIDS Care on 12th Street!  Bill Rudin's corrupt stupid greedy luxury condos.

The New York Time  April 1,  2008 nytimes  Bill Rudin quoted...."  the lack of a world class hospital will not only jeoparidize the west side population but also threaten NY’s competitiveness as a city!”

So when did Rudin sell his soul, the safety of The People out and the City along with Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden.   Shocking Rosie O'Donnell would do this -- she doesn't understand luxury condos can't do CPR and there is no Rape Crisis Center or AIDS Care on 12th Street!  Bill Rudin's corrupt stupid greedy luxury condos.

The New York Time  April 1,  2008 nytimes  Bill Rudin quoted...."  the lack of a world class hospital will not only jeoparidize the west side population but also threaten NY’s competitiveness as a city!”

So when did Rudin sell his soul, the safety of The People out and the City along with Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden.

Martina Navratilova Writes Christine Quinn re: Gay Bashing Horse Drawn Carriage Driver Rant

Wow Christine Quinn is going to have a hard time using the gay gay gay pink card to get out of this.

Up until now there are a select group of gay folks that will vote for her no matter what unless she commits murder.

There are gay people that support Rudin Luxury condos instead of a full service trauma level 1 hospital with AIDS care and a rape crisis center.

Ask Chuck Meara and Christine Quinn about Quinn locking out her own district from testifying and not one staff member and she has a huge staff showed up to greet the community because um er gee whiz they want a full service hospital.  Dogs and Cats have a better hospital than humans in Quinn's district and you see where she stands on horses.  
Christine Quinn sold our her own district and there is no hospital!

The New York Time  April 1,  2008 nytimes  Bill Rudin quoted...."  the lack of a world class hospital will not only jeoparidize the west side population but also threaten NY’s competitiveness as a city!”

So when did Rudin sell his soul, the safety of The People out and the City along with Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden.

Hey Martina:  If you bump in to this guy Wayne don't ask him what is last name is.  On NYC gov property in City Hall he refused to tell me... Christine Quinn's special assistant.....why?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Queens Crap Christine Quinn Oinks All Over Town!

Reminder king Mike the little emperor of NYC and his mini-me used and abuse slush as well as used intimidation to push through an illegal third term...

slush is also know as tax payer money.....

Quinn sold the lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy - meanwhile they are both implicated in billions of dollars of tax payer abuse and fraud CityTime, ECTP 911 tech system etc.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

John Liu's Legal Bills vs. Christine Quinn Making Tax Payers Pay Hers and Her Staffs

John Liu who would want him politically dead and by the way -- considering how many billionaires and defense contractors and fortune 500 companies he stopped from exploiting to flat out robbing the city that are trying to destroy him his bills are small.

In contrast Christine Quinn and her staff have huge legal bills and we they tax payers are paying.  If she doesn't steal her way in the mayor spot again using tax payer money to openly buy favor and reminder Josh Margolin NY Post exposed Chrisitne Quinn never filled the slush abuse watch dog post

Christine  Quinn hired Sullivan & Cromwell to represent some of her staff -- she approved this outrageous and shameful hire of a white collar crime defense law firm that is used by Goldman Sachs --
She approved this outrageous and shameful expense -- a top white collar crime her staff needs the same firm Goldman Sachs uses.

Quinn must agree with me that she and her staff are criminal? She brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime! Two! She approved billions in over -riding budgets along with Mark Page and Mike Bloomberg, CityTime, one billion and 14 million ECTP, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless -- short list....

Quinn why isn't Cy Vance prosecuting St. Vincent's Crooks and why did the US attorney give Quinn unofficial immunity along with Cy on the slush abuse?

Read this ---  Quinn have some kind of special immunity from Cy Vance and US Attorney

Quinn took money from one same sketchy guy as Liu but not one paper said boo about that.

What they accuse Liu of so many politicians have been rumored to the same including Rudy and we know that Mike Bloomberg blatantly broke campaign laws which carries jail time and he committed perjury during the Haggerty trial so Liu stopped to many greedy billionaires and powerful defense contractors - do the math.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tom Hanks Donates to Christine Quinn? Message Drop Dead NYers

Tom Hanks donated $500 to  

I was sent the above....find it hard to believe.   Can't be Tom Hanks the actor producer.

Anyone who donates to Christine Quinn supports her drop dead New Yorkers message -- 
she allowed St. Vincent's to close -- she is not pressuring Cy Vance to prosecute St. Vincent's crooks,
why....afraid of drawing attention to the Rudiin acquisition of St. Vincent's?

Hard to believe Tom Hanks a producer of John Adams HBO series
could support Christine Quinn because FYI George Washington would have hung Mike Blomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn for treason.  Treason post got from someone's article I posted here.

Bloomberg and Quinn are so arrogant -- they really act and think they are royalty above the law and above accountability.  FYI George Washington was offered the kingship of America and he now thanks 2 terms and 2 terms only.  I wish we could have term limits for all elected officials because the majority become self serving politicos that abuse tax payer money and enjoy every kick back and back room deal with the People being screwed....hint we have  17 Trillion dollar deficit and look under Bloomberg how defense contractors, NASA and Fortune 500 companies are in my opinion falsely billing us and happen to run mega millions to billions of dollars over budget and Bloomberg, Mark Page, city council green light it.

John Liu and Tish James are part of a small minority NYC gov that say NO!
Christine Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime.  Why are there no arrests of NYC gov officials in the CityTime scandal.   Some folks like me are waiting of indictments on the 911 tech systems!

They pushed through an illegal third term!

Thanks Tom!  

ps  Tom and all you people so wrong to donate to Christine Quinn Mike's mini-me a puppet that makes everything about gay gay gay gay gay  the gay card... I am pro gay but I want someone with brains that will work 7 days a week to represent all The People of NYC not denying them a referendum.

Tom if we have a blood bath -- another terror attack here in NYC we have no hospital here.

Nothing.   St. Vincent's was a trauma level 1 hospital and Christine Quinn is too busy taking money from the Rudin family, bad xeroxes of their grandparents who made the billion dollars.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Christine Quinn 3rd Term Liar to Raise Max $ Primary!

Christine Quinn is such a liar!

Disgusting -- reminder Christine Quinn used slush and intimidation on behalf of Mike Bloomberg to push through an illegal third term selling the lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy. Guess who helped who?

Meanwhile more New Yorkers going from living in a recession to a depression with elite 1 per centers getting even richer like Mike who now worth 22 billion and Quinn moved in to a million dollar plus condo that she can't afford but do you think her spouse has benefited from Quinn's city hall connections?

Christine Quinn Bloomberg Style Lies & Cover-ups From Wiki to City Hall!

I wonder if Christine Quinn has any tweaking of her face and body.....?  I don't know but her Wiki page oh yes!!!!!  Wait until you see how Quinn tries to re-write her role in St. Vincent's Hospital corruption -- where is the prosecution of St. V crooks, what about her kickbacks and if we have another terror attack with no trauma level 1 hospital there or a catastrophe what was her message to the community drop dead?

And ditto for Bill DeBlasio.  (Bill do Public advocates have a say in all these closing hospitals?

"There was also updated news from The Post that a federal investigation of the widely-publicized “slush fund” controversy was over.
Somehow, the revision removed all mention of the controversy, in which the council parked $17 million in discretionary money meant for real organizations under fictitious group names — one of the most embarrassing chapters in the council’s history.
Along the way, another entry was removed — one that accused Quinn of being impolite for chewing gum during speeches and of approving a 40 percent budget cut to the office of the Public Advocate in 2009.
“It is our job to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and complete information about every member of the New York City Council,” said Quinn spokesman Jamie McShane.
The wonder of Wikipedia is that anyone can edit its entries, which is why lots of politicians spend considerable time adding and subtracting on their own.
Naturally, the end result accentuates the positive and downplays — or even eliminates — the negatives."

David Seifman:

Wow lucky they don't mention Mike Bloomberg -- by the way -- were his thugs responsible for taking down the page on me being censorsored -- my entire YouTube channel came down before the election and I was the only one to say on YouTube that Mike Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger.  Do you think people from Team Bloomberg were behind the wiki attack as well?

Oh and David -- how about Weirson's wiki page where they lie about Tom Robbins who exposed Weirson for what he is?

Hey Christine Quinn:  Any comment on NY State Assembly woman Arroyo on the slumlord watch list public advocate?

Bloomberg and Christine Quinn in the darkest dirtiest back room deals, third term lies and slush abuse to mega mega scandals CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, 311, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, seedco , etc....things just got billions of dollars out of hand?

So much for Mike's biz and tech acumen -- look at his wiki page for a laugh
he and his family would be homeless if he ran his private empire this way! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christine Quinn Chuck Meara Locked Out District Cover-ups St. Vincent's

Above watch Norman Siegel, famed Civil Rights lawyer's powerful speech on behalf of Christine Quinn's own district and all those that demand a full service trauma level 1 hospital that wanted to participate in the democratic process to testify in front of City Council but in every way were discouraged and turned away.

Christine Quinn's huge staff WAS NO WHERE TO BE SEEN as a senior citizen who wanted to demand a hospital passed out from the cold and the ambulance took a half hour.

Read the link below"
Christine Quinn Talking Points -- Now Chuck Meara admits there was an ambulance -- there was some confusion on his part and if he had one staff member there that morning there would have been none but Meara's "special contact" at the 1st Precinct denies it took a half hour.  His pal at the 1st was not there but I have respected members of the medical community Dr. David Kaufman and Nurse Eileen Dunn who can testify it did take a half hour!

Quinn and Meara are not interested in getting to the truth.   Read how the New York Times editor Carolyn Ryan is killing true news even that small businesses are dying left and right because there is no hospital just massive construction and more and more public space lost and the community see's it as Rudin greed backed by Quinn who has gotten huge donations from Rudin and his pals.

Major news especially concerning a mayoral candidate with the most money who acts like she is Mrs. Bloomberg and the next little emperor of NYC.   If we have a terror attack the media will be forced to report the news and dig deep on the St. Vincent's Rudin deal and Quinn's role as well as other key players.