Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bloomberg Time Worst than Guiliani Time, Gay Ed Koch picks Ray Kelly over Gay Christine Quinn

Why was Wayne Barrett fired?  Tom Robbins leaves The Village Voice in protest.   There were times I was greatly frustrated with Barrett imparticular for his support of Bloomberg but than he exposed Bloomberg broke campaign laws which is a misdemeanor A.  I called it in to Cy Vance’s newly opened Integrity Hotline and reported Christine Quinn for using her NYC gov. staff on company time for her campaign and submitted a Village Voice article with allegations re: both Bloomberg and Quinn as well as Aram Roston’s piece from The NY Observer:  Inside the Secret Campaign of Mike Bloomberg.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Christine Quinn City Council's Dirty Secrets + Quinn's Slushgate!




Read the above link and try not to fall out of your chair when you read about the corrupt politicians that are cheating, lying, not paying taxs, rent, fees that would land us in jail! Get out your barf bags because it will make you want to puke!

Link below Sally Goldenberger’s piece on Quinn and staff’s high priced defense attorneys! Can we get an App and having a running ticker on the on going high costs to tax payers thanks to corrupt politicos and their staffs? How approved the same law firm Goldman Sachs uses?



Sunday, March 13, 2011


Re: Lisberg: Mayor Mike Bloomberg 'pedals' his vision of city's future 
Posted: Mar 13, 2011 6:00 AM    in response to: Guest

Watch the video footage from four  years ago same intersection  --- too date DEP and DOB cannot get this fixed and ditto for around the corner on St. Marks Place between 2nd Ave. and 1st and all over the city --- why are the streets and below the streets -- a dangerous mess?  Ditto for the MTA?

Bloomberg and the worst city planner, Amanda the people's Burden, socialite mega-millionaire  pushed a reckless, dangerous tsunami of development and by the way --- many if not all of the hideous New New York built could not survive an earthquake like Japan's.  

DOB did not police the builds as they should have perhaps because of bribes and because there were too many builds too actually police but DOB, DEP, the MTA, Con Ed should have joined us in raised voices that said over and over Safety First!!!   Bloomberg, Burden and Christine Quinn supported greed and stupidity first!
I am pro-bikes and clean air but explain why excluding bike lanes, street conditions and sidewalks are in the worst condition ever and below ground the same for infrastructure. People can break a leg or their necks just trying to cross the streets! Why a record number of man hole cover explosions, water main breaks gs leaks, etc. Mike pushed a reckless tsunami of community crushing development for his and Quinn's rich pals. Streets better in Colonial Times! Impeach Quinn Bloomberg!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Did the Rudin Family get the message activist sent -- Rudin big time developers to sell-out Christine Quinn decide to do the right thing and get us a hospital!


A message to all you developers donating to Christine Quinn,
activists from all parts of New York City are watching!

The Rudin Family clearly got our message.
Here is the email from Andrew Berman with the news....

GVSHP Header
March 10, 2011 
Dear Friend,
I have some important news regarding plans for the St. Vincent's Hospital site, NYU's expansion plans, and the Jane Street Triangle.
St. Vincent'sSt. Vincent's Hospital:  Today St. Vincent's Hospital, the Rudin Family, and North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital announced an agreement to redevelop the St. Vincent's Hospital sites in Greenwich Village.  The plan would create a new medical facility run by North Shore LIJ in St. Vincent's O'Toole Building, while Rudin would develop the remainder of the East Campus for residential use as per the plans approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2009 (see "current proposal" HERE). 

Any such plan must still be approved by the bankruptcy court and go through a long, multi-stage rezoning process, which requires multiple public hearings and votes by the Community Board and Borough President, and requires final approval by the City Planning Commission and City Council. When those hearings are scheduled, GVSHP will let you know.

For the statement by St. Vincent's, Rudin, and North Shore LIJ, and more details on the proposal, see the latest update on GVSHP's St. Vincent's page HERE.

NYUNYU:  NYU has revealed plans to make changes to the landmarked Silver Towers complex, including changes to lighting and fences, and to move a dog run and playground currently located on Mercer Street into the complex southeast of the Picasso "Sylvette" sculpture.  To see the plans, or sign up for updates on when the proposal will be heard and voted on by the Landmarks Preservation Commission and how you can provide input, click HERE for the entry in GVSHP'sLandmarks Application Webpage.

NYU will also provide an update about its massive 2031 expansion plan and the lengthy public review and approval process it must go through to Community Board #2 on Monday, March 21 beginning at 6:30 pm at Grace Church School Auditorium, 86 Fourth Avenue (at 11th Street).  The meeting is open to the public, and GVSHP will report back about any new information provided, but a preview of what NYU has planned for the Washington Square Village complex can be found HERE

Jane St. TriangleJane Street Triangle:  This week the City revealed changes to its previously released plan for changes to the Jane Street Triangle.  In addition to changes to the seating, the plan now demarcates the section of West 4th Street which will become pedestrianized so that the historic street pattern is preserved. 

To see the new plans, click HERE, or read more about it in theentry on GVSHP's blog, "Off the Grid."  The plan will have to come before the Landmarks Preservation Commission for public hearings and approval; no date has been scheduled yet, but you can check GVSHP's Landmarks Application Webpage to see when it has been.

As always, we will get you the latest information on important preservation and development issues in our neighborhood as soon as they are available.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corrupt Christine Quinn won't do her duty. Quinn is an expert on "non-speak" she won't take a stand on any issue but she wants to be our mayor!

Christine Quinn, Ms. Slush and Intimidation, Mike Bloomberg's mini-me won't take a stance on anything except equal rights same sex marriage which the majority of New Yorkers support. She has over 2 million in her war chest for her run for mayor. Google councilpedia and look up her donors -- mostly real estate pals she and Mike helped while the majority of New Yorker's communities where crushed. Quinn hired a speech writer, bought expensive clothing and is working to be a master of spin, smoke and mirrors like Mike Bloomberg. Thanks for pointing out as usual she won't take a stand. Ask her where she stands on unions, the NYPD and FDNY bonuses, school teachers LIFO. She won't give you an answer, just lots of non-answers. Ask her about how she brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/editorials/the_speaker_duty_7u37jRnKlcIODaEOTVlJWM#ixzz1G6PF0Iot

Monday, March 7, 2011

Christine Quinn wants to be mayor -- Has Anyone asked her about her stance on Unions, School Teachers, FDNY-NYPD Bonuses, etc.

No one will ask Christine Quinn one tough question. When she is asked a question it is a non-anwer.

All we know is she is for equal rights for Gay people and so are the majority of New Yorkers.

She has been City Council speaker for how many years and what has she actually done to bring forth equality for gay people?

Not enough.

What has she done to get a hospital open and running in the West Village that millions of people need gay, straight....

Quinn is being treated like Mike Bloomberg and she got herself a speech writer. She has lost weight

and look at all her donors starting with the Rudin family.
We don't need Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term.


Christine Quinn -- Explain how you brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation -- no answers just a lot of non-speak

Christine Quinn three stories from True News for Change Blog -- scroll down until you see this image...

and here is a channel I, Suzannah B. Troy created  for Christine Quinn for Mayor as in not ever!

Voting for Christine Quinn is saying you want Mike Bloomberg to have a fourth term from ruling NYC from the golf course! http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristineQuinnMayor#p/a/u/1/NNNgQX9whKg

NYPD: Mike Bloomberg's deputy Goldsmith considered lowering Lt. rank to pay them a lower salary!
Vote for Quinn if you want Mike for a 4th term.

and another personal favorite of mine....Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg's mini-me -- his puppet!

And from Queen's a superb blogger and YouTuber: