Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Protest against media bias of Carolyn Ryan and The New York Times that p...

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carolyn Ryan the out of town Lesbian who makes sure all critics are stopped and frisked prevented from posting comments and killer of all important news stories that damn Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dramatic Photos Christine Quinn & The New York Times Protested

The NY Times Stops & Frisks Critics of Christine Quinn!

the gum chewing would be next emperor of NYC Christine Quinn -- thanks New York Times for stopping and frisking my critics and killing all those damning stories for me!

Protest Against Christine Quinn at NYTimes

This protest has to be hugely embarrassing for The NY Times who stops and frisks any comments critical of Christine Quinn and kills stories on her behalf especially about St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Hey Carolyn Ryan why no stories on St. Vincent’s Hospital -- no investigation by Cy Vance  in to the St. Vincent’s Hospital crooks?

Carolyn Ryan why no stories about community anger.

People have died and more will die because St. Vincent’s is closed.  Is Rosie O’Donnell was living in her 9 million dollar condo Rudin Hospital condo she would have died because no hospital.

Small businesses dieing and wait until Sept. 11 when there is no place to honor the Memory of the Dead and the photo memorials.

Note news worthy...

Note news worthy Carolyn Ryan Christine Quinn locks out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital and a 75 year old man faints from the freezing cold and the ambulance took a 1/2 hour.

Chuck Meara last time he and I spoke and it was on the steps of  City Hall continued to deny it took a half hour and in fact it did.

I foiled the 911 calls and the mystery is solved in the foil report -- I just don’t know if it was a human error or a tech glitch from our infamous 911 Tech System!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vito Lopez Andy Cuomo Mike Bloomberg Dave Paterson Judy Judy Kaye Buy Bye!

Andy Cuomo, Christine Quinn funneled tax payer money big big bucks to Vito Lopez.

Christine Quinn's political wedding Vito Lopez and Dave Paterson both men misogynists that abused and exploited women.... Paterson guilty of perjury and witness tampering aka silencing a victim of spousal abuse.

Lopez pays top lawyer Gerald Leftcourt with campaign money and Dave Paterson is alleged to have paid for hotels for adulterous affairs using campaign money.

Everyone who supported and supports Paterson including Cuomo, Judge Judy Kaye, Christine Quinn, NYU, WOR, Icon group and top Black leaders are guilty in my opinion of green lighting spousal abuse and violence towards women because there message is protect connected people more important than punishing those who protect abusers of women and attempt to silence them!

How many of them directed money to non-profits and the money went to relatives, men and women they had sex with, friends, their kids and ditto for jobs Albany to City Hall and now all of the sudden they care Vito Lopez is abusing women and non-profits along with how many others and for how long?

Vito Lopez has plenty of proteges and I suspect someone who looks like a crook like him on community board -- someone specific that makes me puke and even looks like Lopez.  Guess who?

They are all so arrogant and they think they are above the law and for so many years they have been correct.

Vito, you sex exploitive creep.

Sounds like they are calling for investigations of Lopez non-profits for him using money for his own slush fund. Been questions for years but nobody did anything about it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg Christine Quinn NYPD Intelligence Division Harass Critics Violate NYPD Protocol Refusing to Give Badge Numbers and Names!

and than there is Mike Bloomberg's Intelligence Division  --  Above link Christine Quinn's NYPD Intelligence Sgt.  as I recall from watching the video he does not show his badge -- he flashes it but we never see his badge number -- we never learn his name.
Above link part 1 Mike Bloomberg Baby Putin has a press conference public street for Brownfield clean up but doesn't want the community to be part of it and any critics just press that will write his informercials and accept his baloney and ask no tough questions... I was told I could talk to the most senior press person when they arrived.  See what happens when Mike's NYPD Intelligence Det proves to me he isn't very intelligent in my opinion or ethical violating NYPD protocol.   Lt. Dan O'Sullivan does not violate NYPD protocol but he oh so cleverly violates my first amendment rights but too his credit he didn't put his hands on me or violate my personal space.  At the Triangle Shirt Factory Anniversary poor Intelligence Division could not do what Lt. O'Sullivan does which is very politely and respectfully silences me.

                    Christine Quinn has her NYPD Army harass her critics.....and are they being willfully obtuse of the laws and NYPD protocol?

NYPD Officer who won't identify himself -- is he from NYPD Intelligence Division pretending he does not know NYPD protocol that requires NYPD to give their name, badge number and the precinct or division they are from?

NYPD won't talk to Louis which is discourteous and an NYPD no no, and  than tries to make protestors move when there is no reason to  ---  this is  public sidewalk and there is plenty of clearance for pedestrians, and this less than transparent NYPD PO might be giving Donny wrong information, too.

NYPD PO violates protocol --- flashes badge, never answers activist as required by NYPD protocol about his identification, gives civilian protestors incorrect information about bus stop that is about 100 feet away (very far at least)  -- so he is effectively lying to protestors to make them move?

Part 3

This Louis Flores video show a short clip at end of a tall white male 5 minutes 28 seconds in to the YouTube.... standing in a door way and he was honest with protestors identifying his name and that he is with NYPD Intelligence but the African gentleman in the 2 YouTubes above who I believe is an unprofessional  Sgt. in the Intelligence is caught on camera "lying"? to protestors to trying and get them to move when in fact they did not have to.

look 5 minutes 28 seconds -- NYPD Intelligence Division....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Christine Quinn Finally Notices NYCHA A Problem?

The NYDN exposed over a billion dollars of corruption so add this to Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's legacy of green lighting and enabling multi-billions of tax payer money from
NYCHA to CityTime, ECTP 911 tech system, on going series of tax payer Titanics, the most corrupt real estate deals ever in the area since The American Indians, mega Dept of Building corruption and much more...

Bloomberg and his mini-me's legacy mega corruption see no evil and protect all top officials....

The NYDN website has also locked me out of commenting and the new improved website is so awful I can't find links to their exclusive articles exposed NYCHA Corruption.

Shame on Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler for violating my 1st amendment rights.

The NY Times Censorship Pussy Riots Jail Comment Attempt No. 2  My 2nd attempt at posting a comment.   The NY Times is Putin-esque in your on going censorship of my comments and your continual violation of my first amendment rights.

What is so threatening about pointing out Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn are our Putin and look how you treatment comments -- it is Pussy Riot Putin treatment all the way.

Shame on you.

The comment above attempted to post 11:46
Made a YouTube response to The NY Times censoring me yet again.  You go back and see hundreds of comments and even conversations of commentors but I am such a threat -- what I have to say so threatening I can't have my comments posted.

First comment from this am.

They have Putin and we Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn!  My new YouTube I shared with The NY Times about how your paper stops and frisks every critic of Christine Quinn and kill unflattering news stories! I am posting this comment and the time 8:17 to expose your on going censorship and violation of the First Amendment Rights of readers.  Orwellian how NYC is becoming more like Putin's Russia every day.

Can I check the box that says email me when The NY Times censors me?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cy Vance Karmic Justice He Lets Bloomberg Quinn Break Laws Fitting Cy A Victim

Karmically challenged one term Cy Vance got some karmic justice for allowing top government officials break campaign laws and commit perjury -- yes Mike did it during the Haggerty trial a sitting mayor so it is only fitting he and Christine Quinn get some karma pie more to come if the laws of the Universe do right by The People of NYC since he failed us.

One Term Cy Vance and remember I called his public integrity hotline and reported Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn but he didn't have the young woman answering phones state the truth.  They are above the law.  The Village Voice article on Quinn and her huge staff working on her campaign -- apply that to this campaign run as well.

Cy Vance by bye Cy when is NYPD heroin Rape Cop Moreno going to jail?

One term Cy said let's role the heroin Moreno had in his locker in to one year.

Try that if you are black.

Resign Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg, Cy Vance, Christine Quinn and her gi-normous staff that we are forced to pay their legal bills and Quinn approved Sullivan and Cromwell the same firm Goldman Sach uses and she hired Tony Simone from Goldman to be her community outreach -- Tony curses out community members including a gay critic Donny Moss, I was there when he did it and Tony are you really reaching out to banks on company time for Quinn's campaign?  Don't worry if you are Cy Vance will let you get away with it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The NY Times Damage Control Lies For Christine Quinn Small Biz to St. Vincent's Hospital

Small business are dying around St Vincent's Hospitals grave, Christine Quonn's mega failure no trauma level 1 hospital no rape crisis cements no AIDS care small biz's dying along with people in ambulances who can't make it to Beth Israel...

Quinn does not want to pass sick days for small biz which effects minorities and Carolyn Ryan and Kate spin her in to a minority small biz hero?
 Carolyn Ryan is a disgraceful to journalism using Kate Taylor as Quinn's "spin girl" and  continuing  to do one side reporting,  make sure to prevent critics like me from commenting on The NY Times website and  black out the news on St Vincent and the Christine Quinn Chuck Meara scandals regarding betrayal of her own district, flushing the democratic process away again locking out her own district from testifying and refusing to investigate ambulance response times starting with half hour response for 75 year old man one if many Quinn victims prevented from a city council that couldn't be bothered to attend -- and Quinn and her huge staff were no where to be seen but I stood with the huge crowd dressed as Quinn underscoring her betrayal and abandonment as the basic human right to a hospital was flushed away along with the democratic process. 

Shame on publisher of The NY Times, the crafty corrupt fixers that brought in out of town lesbian Carolyn Ryan to kill mega stories like the St. Vincent's scandals, the death since St. Vincent's closed, the way Quinn has enraged her own district and The NY Times is killing stories on this this, CityTime Scandal which Quinn is implicated as well as green lighting billions in over-runs starting with ECTP 911 tech system where we The People were clearly robbed The NY Times is too busy doing   informercials and spin for Christine Quinn!!!!

Isn't The NY Times just a little interested in why Christine Quinn isn't pressuring Cy Vance to prosecute St. Vincent's crooks or why Quinn lied to me, Norman Siegel and community members in a meeting at City Hall stating she did not know which way she would vote..... she voted with the Rudin family who have donated the max to her run for mayoral campaign not news.

Here I am dressed as Christine Quinn standing with her community to demand a hospital a place Christine Quinn has refused to stand.

If that isn't a story worth reporting in NYC than what is?

If we have a terror attack this year and no St. Vincent's Christine Quinn could face a public hanging.

The New York Times refuses to report the news and is killing stories for Christine Quinn and silencing voices in opposition just like they did for Mike Bloomberg and he barely won.

Another news story The NY Times won't report just like my Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Poster that I released the same day Mike released his ad campaign and that poster will be historical -- it is already in The NY Historical society archive....

Louis Flores is working on a book using kick starter to come out with a book the same day Christine Quinn is which The Wall Street Journal reported in an article about how Christine Quinn uses the NYPD to harass and interfere with protestors!

It seems most New Yorkers do not even know who Quinn is but if Flores can't get the funding via kickstarter than Louis Flores will find another way but his expose will be shared with the public even if he finds a Dickensian way to do so.
Christine Quinn Talking Points the Meeting at City Hall  45 minutes and nothing....

The videos of NYPD harassing consistently peaceful protestors of Christine Quinn and giving seniors and handicap protestors a hard time grows like unemployment which may be as high as 17 percent not 10 and again The NY Times won't investigate either story to protect their mayoral hopeful.

It would be nice if you apathetic smoes would open up your wallets and make a contribution to this book.  Thank you.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christine Quinn Has NYPD Quinn Violate Senior Citizen Special Needs

Christine Quinn continues to have NYPD come down on frail seniors because she is such a tyrant as bad as Mike Blomberg, truly his mini-me!

I am a supporter of the good NYPD....this is heart breaking that a plain clothes NYPD officer who no badge, name and precinct is politely harassing a senior handicap citizen on behalf of Christine Quinn.

Yesterday mayor Bloomberg protestors by Gracie Mansion in wheel chairs arrested and the NYPD commandeer Access-Arides

NYPD Arrest LGBT Queer OWS By Gracie Mansion

I was sent this:
NYPD make many arrests, including people in wheelchairs !!!!!!

Christine Quinn silent as usual and she is suppose to be an LGBT activist?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Martina Navratilova, Gloria Steinem & Angela Houston Ask Christine Quinn to Do the Right Thing! Dream on!

Gloira Steinem and Christine Quinn do have one thing in common -- very rich men but laughable that Steinem, Houston and Navratilova are learning what we all know about
Christine Quinn and that she is a sell-out.

The working party family endorsed her didn't they?  Mike's mini-me Mrs. Bloomberg.

Hey Rosie O'Donnell, Martina Navratilova, Gloria Steinem and Angela Houston -- you might mention to Christine Quinn we need a full service Trauma  Level 1 hospital like St. Vincent's which was open Sept. 11.   St. Vincent's also had a Rape Crisis Center and now we have Rosie's luxury condos in Rudin's St. Vincent's Lux condos endorsed and backed by Christine Quinn Ms. Kickbacks.

Rapes are up and under reported in NYC.

Dear NYC MoveOn member,
I don't have to tell you that working women are under attack. The economy is putting a tighter and tighter squeeze on our ability to make ends meet. And too many politicians seem deaf, or even hostile, to the needs of working women. 
Today tens of thousands of activists here in New York City are doing something about it. We're uniting to call on New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to allow a vote on the paid sick days law—because no one should ever have to lose a paycheck or a job just because they or their child gets sick. 
I'm asking you to join us: 
Why? Because of people like Celina. She was a cook at a restaurant in Queens when a heart problem put her in the hospital for a few days. When she got out, not only did she lose pay for the days she missed, she found there wasn't even a job there for her when she recovered. I'll say it again: she lost her job just for getting sick. 
If you have paid sick days it's easy enough to take them for granted. If you or your child gets sick, you stay home to recover or go to the doctor. You are not punished financially for taking care of your health or your children. It's time to ensure all working women—and men—have the same economic security. 
Paid sick days are important for the workers, but also for the rest of us. Most people without paid sick days work in industries where we can least afford to have sick workers. But if a waitress or day care provider can't afford to take a day off, her only alternative is to go to work sick or send her child to school sick. And that puts everyone else at risk.
Not surprisingly, New Yorkers overwhelmingly favor the proposal. The bill is co-sponsored by more than two-thirds of the City Council. But passage has been held up by Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who has refused to allow a vote on the bill.
Today, we're rallying because we need an outpouring of support to break the logjam. And we need your help.
We'll deliver the signatures directly to Speaker Quinn. 
Thank you. 
–Gloria Steinem, Ai-jen Poo, and the Working Families Party

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christine Quinn Chick-fil-A Lies Again Quinn Constantly Misuses her Office

“I don’t want businesses that hold discriminatory views and feelings, but I don’t have any legal recourse or reason to block this company,” she continued. “I’m raising my voice, which can be loud at times, but I’m never going to misuse this office in any way at all.”

Read more:

Hey Christine Quinn the ways you abuse and misuse your office and abuse is staggering and I am not referring to giving Emily Giske your mega-millionaire lobbyist pal aka as your consigliere
rides in your NYC gov SUV.  

Your countless back room deals, kick backs, abuse of slush money and lulus to buy favor and now the job as mayor, term limits pushing through an illegal third term, pushing through billions in over-rides and outsourcing as honest City Workers lost their jobs, you and Emily Giske and your other lobbyist pals shutting down the pedi-cab industry and keeping horse drawn carriages animal cruelty alive, and most of all your are confident you are above the and your closest pals have profited big were sued 4 times for back rent and now you own property in NYC and NJ?

You are such a liar about misuse of your position of power at City Hall.  How large is your staff and how many did you approve using Sullivan and Cromwell (Goldman Sach's choice) for defense attorneys.

Quinn we are still waiting for an investigation in to why and how you locked out your own district from testifying they demand a trauma level 1 hospital and also why an ambulance took a half hour to take a 75 year old from your district who wants a full service hospital but you and Chuck Meara don't want investigations.   Total abuse of power and how do you and Chuck Meara get up in the morning and look in the mirror?  No investigations just like no real watch dog for slush abuse city hall.  You appointed a pal to green light you City Hall slush abuse.

Dear NY Post:
Thanks for letting me post.  Mort Zuckerman and Colin Myler do not believe in the first amendment rights of NYers and have me locked out.

Christine Quinn Dirt Exposed on YouTube!

This is absolutely brilliant.....why is the NY Post not asking these questions? Thank God for Suzzanah, Donny Moss and the others who have the courage to speak out and fce these crooks......I have seen corruptiosn with buildings codes, LBGT Center, Pay to Play, missing licenses, corrupt lobbyiest......THANK YOU that was a great interview and I agree, thank the NYPD for not arresting the protesters, as evil Quinn hopes for 

3 hours ago

Christine Quinn, NYU, and The Villager use private security to trample on First Amendment rights

First City Council Debate among Yetta Kurland, Maria Passannante-Derr and incumbent Christine Quinn -- each a candidate in the Democratic Primary i...
staphyjb staphyjb liked
4 hours ago

Protest Against Christine Quinn - A Look at Quinn's LGBT Record

In 2005, Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered lawyers for New York City to appeal the trial court ruling issued by New York Supreme Court Judge Doris Li...
staphyjb staphyjb commented:
Great Job Donny Moss - thank god for the gay community who will not be used and intimidated by the the gay powerbrokers who have a poor record agaisnt the gay and straight community----corruption and bullying is anti gay as is giving away full service hospitals to greedy developers is clearly ant...
4 hours ago

Christine Quinn PS 41 Back Door Confrontation

Watch as Quinn tries to sneaks out the back past dumpsters and drops her head repeatedly -- not body language of a leader. At the end I ask her ab...
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This is absolutely brilliant.....why is the NY Post not asking these questions? Thank God for Suzzanah, Donny Moss and the others who have the courage to speak out and fce these crooks......I have seen corruptiosn with buildings codes, LBGT Center, Pay to Play, missing licenses, corrupt lobbyiest...
4 hours ago

Christine Quinn: Behind the Smile

If the video appears to be shaky, please watch it on this youtube page:
See how openly gay City Counci...
staphyjb staphyjb commented:
Thank you Donny, Suzannah and others to prove the gay community does NOT support corruption and bully tactics. That is anti-gay and is the type of dictatorship that leads to problems. It is obvious there are all sorts of scandals and the LGBT is another scandal - - - when will the NY Post dig int...