Monday, June 27, 2011

Christine Quinn Received 200 Donations from Employees Gibbons Law

Speaker Quinn has received over 200 donations (totaling over $70,000) from the employees of Gibbons Law  

Christine Quinn flushed democracy down the toilet and sold the great lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us with the economy.

I guess Gibbons is flourishing in these tough times but not the rest of New Yorkers....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Christine Quinn FAILED NYers CityTime BigTime Plus Preet Bharara Why No Indictments of NYC Gov Workers That Aided and Abetted SAIC and a hierarchy of theft for so long?

DOI had head of Office of Payroll Whistle Blower Hero Richard Valchich’s letter  for 10 years and DID NOTHING?

Why didn’t Rose Gill Hearn, Mike Bloomberg and Bill Thompson do nothing when the head of OPA Richard Vaichich blew the whistle? True or False Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg’s puppet brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and Richard Valcich's letter was compelling enough to take action ---  Quinn failed or help Bloomberg, Mark Page 
SAIC enablers and don’t forget Rudy’s best friend Peter Powers a lobbyist for SAIC.  Mike acted like SAIC was heroin and Mike was a drug king pin. We want a full refund.   50 mill contract Mike was forced to cancel 2 and half weeks ago with SAIC not CityTime.  This was not discussed at Friday’s SAIC Shareholder meeting.

p.s. I left out Mark Page!!!!!!!!!!  Bloomberg appointed Mark to the MTA board and Deputy mayor Harris’s husband and their son is head of IT cozy.  Did Mark Page and Harris’s husband try and push through the SAIC MTA deal we all fought tooth and nail? The MTA decided if SAIC over ran their budget all the bills would go to the NY Gov. meaning the tax payers! Greg Mocker of WPIX reported this.  Also remember DiNapoli killed the deal and SAIC and MTA were still trying to push through that deal!

On a humorous note an admiring individual said I want to have Preet Bharara’s baby!  Trouble is a guy said that to me.   Just a moment of humor....

Scroll down to 2nd article and find this sentence....
A more damning assessment is hard to imagine - but in all the City Council oversight hearings about CityTime the past few years, no one at OPA or City Hall ever mentioned the Valcich letter.

Question from Suzannah B. Troy....

Why no indictments of any one working for NYC gov that aided and abetted CityTime and allowed CityTime to flourish all these years....?

"The CityTime project was corrupted to its core by one of the largest and most brazen frauds ever committed against the city of New York," Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Christine Quinn Mike Bloomberg Anthony Weiner Liars?

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Anthony Weiner Liars Liars Pants on Fire?

I do not believe Christine Quinn for one minute but if she was a feminist instead of a sell-out she would have realized this is not just about pain caused to Anthony Weiner and his family but the young college woman who has made it clear she is deeply traumatized.  There are other people hurt by this and Anthony Weiner lying and blaming hackers is unacceptable.   Quinn comes off as completely insincere and Mike Bloomberg is thrilled that Weiner’s sexcapades are front page instead of the CityTime SAIC Tax Payer’s Titanic, the fact he was praising SAIC and now he was forced to cancel a 50 million dollar contract with SAIC while he threatens to close fire houses and harsh lay-offs are to come so both Bloomberg and Quinn are celebrating that a dopey internet sex-addict Weiner is front page news.

Quinn wants to be mayor and she has 3 million in her war chest but if she can’t be mayor she wants to be Manhattan Borough pres so she can continue to get the new york tax payers to pay her very high priced lawyer bills because the tax payers are Christine Quinn’s personal investment bank.  I say that because Quinn approved sullivan and cromwell the same firm Goldman Sach uses for her staff -- white collar crime defense attorneys.  Christine Quinn wants the tax payers to  pay her salary, her chauffeur bills for her and her life partner and her legal bills along with every perk possible.

sell-out liar corrupt politician who gets kick backs disguised as campaign donations in my opinion....
how is the slush fund investigations going because the legal defense bills for Quinn and gang are too damn high!

Mayor Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn are liars in my opinion and hears why!
1) remember the great lie -- Christine Quinn sold that we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us with the economy?


Well Bloomberg and Quinn did not help us with the economy has they and corrupt city council members pushed through a self serving 3rd term while denying us a referendum.  We have the harsh cuts but Quinn and her pals are making big bucks thanks to NYC gov is what I hear and look to developers and development deals like the  High Line and how Quinn has helped her pals is gossip for now but I hope there will exposes coming soon.