Friday, February 24, 2012

Christine Quinn Treatment of Picture the Homeless Pure Abuse! + Christine Quinn Sold Out Blog NYU Expansion

Quinn has a history of abuse of homeless. Google Christine Quinn picture the homeless. She banned the homeless group from attending City Council meeting until Norman Siegel gave her lawyers an education on the 1st amendment. She is a two faced liar playing good cop bad cop with Mike. I made 3 short tubes on her at NYU protest last night. See the one with my big posterior and Emily Giskie Bill Rudin and Bloomberg written on it back room deals pay to play! Serve a term in jail!!!! This mentions she is Bloomberg, NYU and Emily Giskie's puppet -- read the blog post Christine Quinn Emily Giskie finger licking good how Giskie lobbyist for biz like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Quinn's stance on paid sick days, etc. I have two more YouTubes -- one stating she does not even visit her own district in bed with John Sexton NYU Pres. who ran down and testified Mike must have a third term (to push through community crushing development!) and he other pointing out no hospital in her district because she is taking sooo much money from Bill Rudin family and pals. She is such a fake and a poser. I wear a neon red wig like a wake-up call.

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Christine Quinn wants to continue Rudy and Mike's work to help NYU make the as many New Yorkers homeless and continue to push out the People for temporary living for college kids as well as weigh way to heavy on old NY's infrastructure with zone busting with NYU junior Cooper Union.


Here are the photos from Donny Moss and also Louis Flores post both LGBT activists against Christine Quinn!
Thanks for participating in the protest last night. Louis Flores posted a great blog about it, which I posted to my Facebook wall. If you want to spread the word about the protest, then please feel free to link to it from one of our walls or paste this link directly onto yours or link to the photos on my wall:

Here is the text that I used on my wall to describe the event:
As hundreds of people stood in line to enter a community board meeting in the Village last night, 15 volunteers working on the campaign against Christine Quinn had the opportunity to engage with civic-minded NYers. For better or worse, we were preaching to the converted. Average NYers who pay attention to city politics told us that they share our views and encouraged us to keep up the fight. In a matter of minutes, we distributed hundreds of handouts, with people asking us if they could have extras to give to their friends.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Christine Quinn Doesn't Visit Her Own District! Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn Out of Office ASAP!

Christine Quinn John Sexton NYU Bill Rudin Christine Quinn Serve A Term in Jail!!

Great photo by activist Louis Flores and he made the photo and text I blew up and laminated of Christine Quinn sucking face with Bill Rudin who gave her enormous kick backs aka campaign donations to smooth they way for no trauma level 1 full service hospital in the West Village but Rudin Luxury Condos and the vile Amanda the People's Burden -- worst commissioner of City Planning ever pushed the the deal refusing to give St. Vincent's zoning protect for a hospital.

I am wiped out -- very little sleep and for some reason I got very, very very excited and passionate. 

Thanks to Louis for the photo and what a great turn out.  I hugged and kiss people that told me I said what they wanted to say.

It does not not get better than that!!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg CityTime, Valentine's Massacre Gerard Denault Wins SAIC Loses?

Just a reminder, Christine Quinn brushed a side 2 investigations and discouraged a third brought by Tish James.  Quinn went on NY1 and lied stating she was on top of CityTime!  NY1 only does informercials so just like with Rose Gill Hearn's informercial no tough questions.  The head of Dept. of Investigation said CityTime works!  In my opinion another lie.  CityTime will be tossed in the garbage just like Rudy's Maximus. 

This goes back to Rudy and surprise all his deputy mayors and pension lawyers lobbyists!  Sweet!

Bill Rudin Christine Quinn Protest 211 e 70

Christine Quinn Bill Rudin Valentine's Death Kiss

Protest Christine Quinn Feb. 23 5:30 Suzannah Troy Will Try To Be There!

When: Thursday, Feb 23rd, 5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Where: 151-155 Sullivan Street (below Houston) at St. Anthony of Padua Church

If the weather is warm enough I want to wear pink suit and red wig!!!!!!!!!!!
Fraud, liar, poser -- serve a term in jail not NYC gov.!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Fraud and Liar Christine Quinn on NYPD Stop and Frisk

In response to The Wall Street Journal fluff pr piece for Quinn.
Christine Quinn is a fraud and a liar. In this YouTube parody I mock Quinn comparing herself to Dr. Martin Luther King. The NYPD are no 1 on ambitious politicians hit list but solving the problems of zero respect for human life and community resulting in shocking and disturbing violence and abuses as well as why rapes are up and under reported not appealing to ambitious pols. Quinn burdens tax payers with her and her staff's high priced defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime. Why do they need these lawyers and why did Quinn brush aside Tish James 2 investigations in to CityTime and discourage a third. Christine Quinn plays good cop bad cop with Bloomberg but remains a fraud and liar who will say anything to get elected so Mike can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bloomberg and Christine Quinn Frauds and Liars Serve A Term in Jail!

Hey Mike trying running your private empire this way!
You wouldn't have much money for charitable giving!

Vote for Christine Quinn if you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term from the Golf Course.
My favorite part of this YouTube is the bellow!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christine Quinn Emily Giske Pay to Play City Hall to Mayor? 

Running For Mayor After Your Friend Cashed In On You Being Speaker
An Inept Attempt By the NYT To Clean Up Issues That Will Be Used By Her Mayor Opponents
Will Lobbyist Emily Giske Will Become NYC's Jack Abramoff?
Quinn Friendship May Pose Test in Mayoral Bid(NYT) Quinn, the City Council speaker, is close friends with Emily Giske, a lobbyist, and the relationship will be tested ahead of the 2013 mayoral contest. * Lobbying City Hall is a significant business for Ms. Giske’s firm, Bolton-St. Johns. In recent years, the company has reported earnings of $2 million to $3 million annually while lobbying the city government, billing its clients nearly $15 million in the six years since Ms. Quinn was elected speaker.  Quinn  blocked paid sick day measure supported by Council members, benefiting fast-food joints repped by Giske firm
NYT Did Not Get Into How Much Money Giske Clients Contributed to Quinn's Campaigns
 The Highline on of Giske's many clients has given Quinn Big Bucks  Christine Quinn gives your cash to West Side project - and gets campaign money (NYDN) Quinn Funded the High Line Through the Slush Fund and Got Campaign Contributions From Developers Whose Property Values Shot Up By the Building of the Trendy Park
Quinn Pay to Play Friend Giske and the Taxi Industry Nets Her Campaign $$$ To Limit Pedicabs
Quinn Wielding Her Clout in Contest Over Pedicabs - The New York Su * In 2006, the taxi committee, which represents taxi medallion owners, paid Bolton-St. Johns $98,000 to lobby the council on a variety of issues, including the pedicab bill to limit the number of pedicabs on city streets.  In 2011 Quinn got over $30,000 from the taxi industry
Ms. Quinn and other council members have directed hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations that Bolton-St. Johns represents, including most recently Care for the Homeless; the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center; and the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation. Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, also represented by Ms. Giske, has received capital financing from the Council in the last two budgets. *Quinn’s Friendship With Lobbyist May Pose Test in Mayor Bid (NYT)
Much More to the Quinn Keogh Slush Fund Story Will Come Out During the Mayoral Campaign
Ms. Quinn criticized two of her staff members for continuing the practice of holding money in reserve accounts after she had ordered it stopped. After they left her employ, one of them, Michael Keogh, took a job at Bolton-St. Johns. Ms. Quinn was surprised by Mr. Keogh’s move and unhappy about it. Ms. Giske was upset over news accounts suggesting that the lobbying firm had given Mr. Keogh a soft landing, according to Mr. Adler.  In 2009 right after he was pushed out of the speakers office because of the slush fund investigation Keogh was listed as top lobbyists for Boltonn St. Johns for the Highline. 
NYT Quinn Term Limits Clean Up is Beyond Belief
Memo to the NYT: Lobbyist Don't Gauge Support, They Work to Secure Votes
Ms. Giske played a role behind the scenes, gauging support among council members.  

Anybody but Christine Quinn for Mayor!


  • SR
  • New York
My preference for mayor
 is anybody but Quinn.
 She is an egregious liar
 who supported a third term
 for herself, the council,
 and the mayor. 
She should be barred from
 doing any business with the city. 
Perhaps Al Sharpton will give her a job!