Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christine Quinn Dick Dadey Say it Ain't So

Dick Dadey, the executive director of Citizens Union, a government watchdog group, credited Ms. Quinn with making the funding process more transparent.

Quinn Attacked Over Council’s Discretionary Funds

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christine Quinn giving out corruption bonuses like Goldman Sachs -- Friday their bonus day too!!! Quinn uses lulu and slush aka tax payers $$$

Quinn never filled slush watch dog position -- gee and US Attorney gives her unofficial immunity . Quinn huge kick backs Rudin management as in bundled campaign donations!!! She did not fight for hospital and there is none in her own district News story NYDn will kill 9-11 hero dies because St Vincents was closed. Did not make it to Beth Israel. Rudin Luxury condos instead of full service hospital. FYI Rudy had 11 years to move Emergency Response and did not. I am dressed as liar Christine Quinn MLK day in front of St V comparing myself as Quinn to Dr Martin Luther King and Jane Jacobs. Quinn lucky DA and US Attorney gave her unofficial immunity slush and campaign! How many lulu receiptents voted to extend term limits and which one is rumored to have a very jealous and can't bare she slept her way to her city council position with ogre. Hope not true.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK Vigil Turns Into 911 Emergency 120 W St. Rudin Lux Condos

Thanks to our rescue workers -- the EMS, FDNY and NYPD showed up....

This man not with the protest just passed out in front of what was St. Vincent’s!

Rudin MLK Day St. Vincent's Protest Christine Quinn Sold-out her Community!

Short protest video outside St. Vincent's.  

Come to our 7 pm vigil outside 120 West 12th Street tonight.  

Christine Quinn sold-out her very own community because of her own greed and stupidity.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg PC World Lists CityTime top 10 ERP Software Failures

Christine Quinn brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime and than went on NY1 and lied and said she was on top of CityTime!

I predict we will have to throw away CityTime because guess what it was and is a flawed system.
It does not work right and has cost the City and Tax Payers a fortune.

I dubbed CityTime The Tax Payer’s Titanic. down and see SAIC a client. Didn’t NYC Gov and SAIC have auditors? Didn’t Mark Page, Mike Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn, Bill Thompson, Patti Harris, Christine Quinn who brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime etc. think something was very wrong with CityTime and SAIC? Why was the SAIC MTA deal pushed.  Here I am with Local 375 DC37 in front of SAIC’s office in NYC.  I am the only one asking for 1 billion dollars plus RICO charges.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christine Quinn Lies Good Cop Finger Printing Food Stamps

Bloomberg and Quinn are on the same page and she remains a puppet. A Bernie Maddoff victim went to Quinn to get help to stop the requirement that people who need food stamps be finger printed. Quinn did not help her. Quinn's strategist later did call the Madoff victim to invite her to a press conference. The victim said no to Quinn 's invitation due to her lack of sincerity; to late in the game to finally do the right thug opps thing and for Christine Quinn she was only motivated to do so if a press conference was involved. Bloomberg and her continue the good cop bad cop game and Quinn taking a victory lap for saving fire houses was again laughable. Bloomberg and Quinn's support of Bill Rudin's luxury condos instead of zoning protection for a hospital to slamming the door on people asking Quinn to fight to stop the finger printing for food stamps shows disdain for the poor. For Quinn to do the right thing requires campaign strategists and a press conference where her media pals throw her soft balls. Quinn can't handle tough questions and lucky her she is rarely asked them.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christine Quinn for Mayor of NYC if you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term!

The NY Times let Michael Powell actually report Christine Quinn Rewards Allies

Did he mention the part about what she does to those that are not allies?

Christine Quinn Sold Out Blog Christine Quinn Federal Investigation

Christine Quinn Kickbacks Highline

Tom Allon Condemns Christine Quinn in Ad re No Hospital W. Village

Christine Quinn Never Filled “Slush Watch Dog” Position! Exposed by Josh Margolin The NY Post

Folks I posted the comment below making sure to leave out Josh Margolin’s link and let us see -- it is 4:59 -- will The NY Times completely censor me or make me wait 24 to 48 hours to allow my comment to be posted.

Wow  5:01 the times okayed my comment.

Shame on The New York Times for waiting this long to report on Christine Quinn’s shady “pork” practices?  Too date where is the watch dog Quinn was supposed to put  in place to over see slush aka pork and or tax payer money?  I don’t know if NYT will allow this comment or a link to Josh Margolin’s expose on Quinn never filling the watch dog spot for slush abuse but again shame on The NY Times for “jet lag”.  What finally prompted you to report the news that Quinn pulled another slush shady with Larry Seabrook.  Funny she manages to give Charles Barron and his community as little slush as possible isn’t it.  I guess she knows Barron’s community will vote against her run for mayor as well as I and so many other New Yorkers furious with Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me but The NY Times is protecting Ms. Slush and Intimidation.  Gee I wonder why?

Christine Quinn Never Filled “Slush Watch Dog” Position! Exposed by Josh Margolin The NY Post  Here is the link to Josh Margolin’s very short but powerful expose on the face Christine Quinn never, ever filled the “slush watch position”!