Monday, November 19, 2012

Christine Quinn in Bed with Vito Lopez

"Politics really does make strange bedfellows.
Christine Quinn, who wants to be the first female mayor of New York, is expected to give her blessing to a district change that would help the political career of Vito Lopez — who is accused of sexually harassing four female staffers, sources told The Post.
The redistricting could help elect the alleged lecher to the City Council. In return, Quinn would curry favor with what’s left of Lopez’s Brooklyn political machine for her mayoral campaign."

Christine Quinn and Jill Kelley true feminist icons.  Christine Quinn let the Rape crisis Center close St/ Vincent's and Stringer have a march about that -- she invites Lopez and Dave Paterson both who have avoided jail and should be both guilty of abusing women.  Paterson guilty of witness tampering spousal abuse case and Cuomo and Judy judy Kaye made sure abuser paterson did not go to jail so how appropriate they are at Quinn's wedding and political fixer Judy marries Quinn who has gone from being sued for back rent 4 times to owning 2 7 figure homes in 2 states?

Do the math  Quinn is no feminist -- she isn't very bright but she is ambitious.  In fact she is so ambitious she would do anything to win -- sell-out anybody.  Her own district she pushed Rudin Family Condos and makes her community live without a Trauma Level 1 hospital and No RAPE CRISIS Center.

She is in bed with the men that abuse women and she calls herself a feminist.
Hey Charlie Hynes love Vito.  Vito didn't prey on his daughter when she worked for him.  What was the DA's daughter doing working for Lopez a criminal that can't get arrested.

Why?  Too  much info to black mail powerful people?
Andrew Cuomo and Christine Quinn funneled money to Lopez and look to Bloomberg and real estate dealings Bloomberg -- a big deal that was killed by a judge is just one place to start but there are others.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christine Quinn 911, CityTime and St. Vincent's Hospital Blood and Corruption by Suzannah B. Troy

Christine Quinn green lighted 2 largest mega crimes as Mike Bloomberg's puppet  --- yes she pushed through CityTime and has blood on her hands for ECTP the 911 Tech System as well as St. Vincent's Hospital no Trauma level 1 hospital with a Rape Crisis Center and blood on her hands from pushing a reckless Tsunami of Development.

Pinch me!  Wake-up I must be dreaming!!!!!!!  4:30 am not sleeping --- amazing - I set a world's record on CityTime and ECTP 911 blog posts and YouTubes and finally we see the first editoral exposing 911 corruption -- 911 is a bigger city crime than CityTime!!!!

911 will be proven to be the largest in NYC gov history with CityTime coming in 2nd but 911 also cost lives. YouTube response to Josh's article praising Josh Margolin.  If he keeps this up he will win another Pulitzer. This is bigger than CityTIme and there is citytime news that will break I hope soon re: shareholders holding top SAIC officials acccountable something we have yet to do.

A comment on a CityTime YouTube states Denault never signed NYC gov contracts.   SAIC shareholders took my blog and put it in their law suit minus typos and do go back in time to Valcich letter which I read in part on YouTube and point out the corruption clearly went back before Denault is hired and clearly based on the letter before 2003.

The first deaths 911 I remember reported in the press and I am not privacy to stats outside of the press --- was in the Bronx City Island.  Next reported was Bloomberg's Blizzard -- stay tuned.

Liu called for a criminal investigation after a 20 page audit and we never got it.

Aug 20 I called the FBI for help asking they assist -- the woman agent did not know Liu was comptroller.  Than I stumbled on Bloomberg at a press conference and yelled him down about CityTime and ECTP 911 Tech System....I yelled 2 billion 14 million dollars and it does not work properly.

Than the NYPD NYC Gov tried to remove that YouTube and the other one I posted where Mike's private NYPD intelligence divi security det does not obey NYPD protocol.

Google YouTube sided with me.

Despite the NY post editors and a certain reporter being beyond awful I give whom ever wrote this highest praise and would hug you for this article.

This link will bring you to the video of me yelling down Bloomberg.
He than told reporters they could ask him about what I yelled after and NONE DID!

This editorial speaks to my yell down but I called Bloomberg the most corrupt mayor ever.

CityTime, ECTP 911 is 3 billion in tax payer abuse for very flawed tech were there was I believe mega stealing and abuse going on and than remember Josh's piece on NYCAPS?  Than read NY Post article with Linda Gibbs quote on Seedco.  Linda Gibb was Joel Bondy and Mark the Momzer Mazer's boss Children services and look at her quote on seedco!   She should be fired in my opinion as well as others who should be forced to resign.

I want Bloomberg and Mark Page, Patti Harris to resign.  Good to see her son got a soft landing from his NYC gov IT job where he ruled as king and will Bloomberg's sister's best friend get a soft landing and be leaving naytime soon?

The NY Post editors and I do not agree on Bloomberg resigning.

City Council is as guilty not starting with Christine Quinn who brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTIme and note Joel Bondy testified under oath.

He got a soft landing.

No arrests of NYC Gov officials. Not one!

When will have the  criminal trial of ECTP the 911 Tech system.

I know the NY Post editors hate John Liu but good job John Liu calling for a criminal investigation after your 20 page audit and thanks to Bloomberg and Cy Vance we have none!

Looks like we will now.  CityTime criminal trial does not begin until Sept. 2013 lucky for Mike and the 911 trial will start when?  After Bloomberg is out of office?

Law suits for CityTime OJ Trial in reverse.  911 CityTime 2.