Sunday, February 20, 2011

Huffington runs a phony public relations piece for Christine Quinn to be mayor --anyone having Mike Bloomberg for a 3rd term flash backs?

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Christine Quinn aka Mike's mini-me and also Ms. Slush and Intimidation will have a harder time being elected than Mike Bloomberg did his 3rd term and that was with spending 109 million dollars "on the books". Check this out because some interesting tid bits will be added. You might also enjoy this YouTube I made to express how New Yorkers feel about Christine Quinn and Mike Bloomberg It is 20 seconds long.

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For more laughter on Christine Quinn who sold us out to real estate developers and sold Mike's great lie we needed him for a 3rd term to help us with the economy check out this YouTube. Mike and Christine only helped their rich pals who are donating to Quinn's campaign.
and I made this for the NYPD: Dear NYPD Christine Quinn wants to be your mayor!
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"Here's what else Christine Quinn has done: overturned
term-limits against the will of the people; allocated millions
of dollars in slush funds to fake charities and doled them out
in exchange for political favors; made a back room deal with
the NYPD to curb NYers freedom of assembly; used (and continues
to use) millions of dollars of discretionary funds to control
votes; killed several bills that have a veto-proof majority in
the Council because they don't suit her political agenda; used
over 30 city employees to collect signatures to put her on the
ballot in 2009; accepted millions of dollars from real estate
developers after promising on the record not to accept any
money from them; scored the lowest on human rights issues of
all Manhattan Council members on the Center for Urban Justice's
annual report card; blocked every meaningful animal protection
bill at City Hall."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NYPD, Christine Quinn wants to be YOUR mayor!

If you vote for Christine Quinn, that means Mike Bloomberg gets to have a fourth term running NYC from the golf course!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mike Bloomberg defends "Air Bloomberg" New Yorkers Wake-Up or We will have Christine Quinn Mike's mini-me, Ms. Slush and Intimidation as mayor which is Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term!

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  • SuzannahTroy
    02/15/2011 8:25 AM
    Mike Bloomberg is defending "Air Bloomberg"? He and all his deputy mayors were out of town for Bloomberg's Blizzard! He wants to track NYC gov workers comings and going with CityTime -- I dubbed the Tax Payers Titanic but he and Patricia Harris refuse to tell us where they were during the Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010 and NYers died! So far only 80 million tax payer dollars has been proven stolen by the people supposedly helping us with CityTime by handing in dishonest time sheets so it is time for Mike to be accountable and transparent and that includes Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor but brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime enabling even more stealing of perhaps the largest white collar crime yet NYC gov.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy on Bloomberg Haggerty and Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation
I posted this comment on the NYDN article:
Siedel says it is a story of greed and lies, sounds like he is describing Mike Bloomberg stealing a 3rd term with the help of Christine Quinn, his mini-me I call Ms. Slush and Intimidation. Mike Bloomberg and his pals only care about winning not how you play the game. Ask Steve Rattner who continues to insist he is innocent of pay to play in the NY Pensions but he paid to play, paid to not go to jail and paid not to plead guilty. Mike is forcing tax payers to pay for his campaign staff and a billion + $ for CityTime + another billion $ for 911 tech system - they don't work so it is proof Mike doesn't care about how he spends $ including the tax payers. Mike is above the law.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Corrupt Christine Quinn aggressively fund raising to be mayor -- sickening!

Christine Quinn, Ms.Slush and Intimidation, aka as Mike Bloomberg's mini-me will never be mayor. I am waiting for an App, a NY Post ticker of how much corrupt politicians lawyers are costing tax payers.  Here legal team must be working over-t  I hope she gets a subpoena so she has to explain under oath how she brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and if she used intimidation to prevent a 3rd? Quinn also pushed the great lie we needed Mike for a third term to help the economy. Look at the list of her campaign donors -- that is who she helped.  She is all talk but her actions speak louder and she belongs in jail.  The slush $ investigations are moving slower than a turtle in molasses.

p.s.  Page 6 keeps doing phony p.r.. for Quinn just like the do for guess who's love life which is a big farce...gee wonder what that is all about?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

David Kato NYC Vigil in memory of activist beaten to death because he was gay, Christine Quinn spoke -- her speech rang hollow

Ms. Slush and Intimidation, Christine Quinn's speech

David Kato's death was tragic & should never, ever have happened. Christine Quinn comes off insincere, worse than & I hope she is served a subpoena by the US Attorney to demand answers on why she brushed aside investigations in to CityTime which so far has been exposed 80 million $ theft, more to be exposed. A gay man was attacked 2 blocks from St. Vincent's. Because the hospital was open his life was saved, he was put in a coma. Quinn sold out to developers, where is a hospital in the W. Village

David Kato's death was tragic & should never, ever have happened. Christine Quinn comes off insincere, worse than & I hope she is served a subpoena by the US Attorney to demand answers on why she brushed aside investigations in to CityTime which so far has been exposed 80 million $ theft, more to be exposed. A gay man was attacked 2 blocks from St. Vincent's. Because the hospital was open his life was saved, he was put in a coma. Quinn sold out to developers, where is a hospital in the W. Village

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christine Quinn Refuses To Audit Back-Room Decision-Making That Lead To St. Vincent's Hospital Closing (This Post is by an Activist Friend)

The City Council Sneaker Investigates the Very Idea That Wal-Mart Will Open a Store in New York City, but She Won't Investigate Why St. Vincent's Hospital Closed ?

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called Wal-Mart a ''union-busting, tax-evading, wage-correcting, job-destroying, civil-rights-abusing, food-stamps-denying multinational corporation.'' But Speaker Quinn won't investigate the shady and rapid closing of St. Vincent's Hospital.

If Comptroller John Liu were to launch an investigation into St. Vincent's Hospital, he could count on the support of a few hundred thousand New Yorkers, who live in the former St. Vincent's catchment area, who have been left with no hospital in the Lower West Side of Manhattan. That area also happens to co├»ncide with what would be considered Speaker Quinn's strongest base of support, if she were to run for mayor of New York in 2013.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christine Quinn Councilpedia look at her list of people that donate!

Christine Quinn "Ms. Slush and Intimidation" uses NYPD to intimidate Peaceful Protestors as well as abuse tax payer money

Last night 3 protestors 8 NYPD used to intimidate Peaceful NYers on behalf of Christine Quinn - one NYPD pushed NYer

It is shameful and a disgrace Christine Quinn uses the NYPD (yet again) at last nights protest outside a night club at in Meat Packing District.  3 protestors holding a banner asking for a hospital where St. Vincent's -- WHY 8 NYPD officers and why did the largest having to shove a peaceful protestor holding a banner for a hospital!

Before the protestor left he said to the NYPD officers still there I want to know we were only here  peacefully  and an NYPD officer replied we know.

These 3 protestors were brave and through their bravery we can see how Christian Quinn abuses power.  The footage of the NYPD shove was not caught on camera but you can see see the turn out of NYPD.

A protestor did not get a badge number or name but my quick look shows these NYPD officers are not from the 6th.   Are they from mid-town?
Watch YouTube -- I posted this comment.

"there are more than  2 NYPD officers for each protestor since there were only 3 protestors and they were peacefully holding up a  banner asking for a new hospital where St. Vincent's was and a tall African American NYPD officer pushed a protestor, he said you need to move, if you don't move. do you want to be arrested tonight? No pedestrian traffic was being blocked.  This was pure abuse of tax payer money and NYPD abuse of power."

Dear News Reporters: Here is a head-up.  We all know Quinn wants to be mayor and we see how she abuses tax payer money and uses the NYPD to intimidate, threatened and abuse Peaceful New Yorkers who are not blocking pedestrian  traffic, last  night 3 protestors with at one point 8 cops is shameful and wrong.    See links  below from before the last election for more examples of Quinn using NYPD plus me being threaten by an NYPD officer a few weeks ago posted on YouTube.

I have written US Attorney Preet Bharara and in my letter which I put on YouTube what I don't read you if my questioning why Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations lead by Tish James into almost a billion dollars in wrong spending including  what I believe maybe  massive theft beyond the 80 million already exposed as stolen and wasteful proving she cannot be our mayor but also she hopefully will be subponeaed in court especially if rumor prove true about SAIC employees stealing like  Berger and Mazer stole aka one of the largest white collar crimes in NYC Gov history?

Here the 6th Precinct including NYPD DI Caroli were excellent but Quinn used  NYU and The Villager to turn away people

My own experience a few weeks ago --  when we were forced to wrongly move and later that night this NYPD officer's Lt. ? Barry apologized to me -- because he agreed the NYPD officer was wrong -- he made us wrongly move and when I said I could call Norman Siegel he said he has the power he could arrest me for attitude!