Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mike Bloomberg defends "Air Bloomberg" New Yorkers Wake-Up or We will have Christine Quinn Mike's mini-me, Ms. Slush and Intimidation as mayor which is Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term!

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  • SuzannahTroy
    02/15/2011 8:25 AM
    Mike Bloomberg is defending "Air Bloomberg"? He and all his deputy mayors were out of town for Bloomberg's Blizzard! He wants to track NYC gov workers comings and going with CityTime -- I dubbed the Tax Payers Titanic but he and Patricia Harris refuse to tell us where they were during the Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010 and NYers died! So far only 80 million tax payer dollars has been proven stolen by the people supposedly helping us with CityTime by handing in dishonest time sheets so it is time for Mike to be accountable and transparent and that includes Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor but brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime enabling even more stealing of perhaps the largest white collar crime yet NYC gov.

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