Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy on Bloomberg Haggerty and Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation
I posted this comment on the NYDN article:
Siedel says it is a story of greed and lies, sounds like he is describing Mike Bloomberg stealing a 3rd term with the help of Christine Quinn, his mini-me I call Ms. Slush and Intimidation. Mike Bloomberg and his pals only care about winning not how you play the game. Ask Steve Rattner who continues to insist he is innocent of pay to play in the NY Pensions but he paid to play, paid to not go to jail and paid not to plead guilty. Mike is forcing tax payers to pay for his campaign staff and a billion + $ for CityTime + another billion $ for 911 tech system - they don't work so it is proof Mike doesn't care about how he spends $ including the tax payers. Mike is above the law.