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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

True News From Change Christine Quinn Slush Scandal, High Line, Mike’s mini-me

Mayor Bloomberg Haggerty Trial Sept. 12, Sept. 11 Scandal + Christine Qu...

To my knowledge Cy and Haggerty's defense attorney haven't subpoena---da da da the emails!!!!!!!!!!!

Maura Keaney worked with Haggerty on Mike' campaign sshhhhhhhh

Maura married to Mark Guma!!!!!! Mark dismissed SOME money Cy owed him but cy still had to do fund raising to pay Mark back. Does Cy owe Mark Guma a favor or two?

Maura gets pulled off haggerty to work with christie quinn

Christine Quinn and Maura Keaney get written up by Jim Dwyer for ethics lapse!!!!!!! Now Maura's husband Mark Guma is running Christine Quinn's campaign!

Mike broke campaign laws. It carries up to a year in jail. Village Voice and NY Observer articles in my blog post above.

NY Observer article says Mike funneled money to haggerty mayoral run no. 2 funneled money to haggerty via republican party.

No one has called for a forensic audit of Mike's campaign spending this run and previous have they?

My letter published in The Wall Street Journal Betrayal At Ground Zero.

The betrayal has grown exponentially.

Another big cover-up is Hurricane Irene. Construction sites were not secured and would have killed people and reeked catastrophic damage but lucky for Mike, Hurricane Irene did not hit us with her full force and the media cover-ups for his and DOB dropping the ball yet again including with Mike Bloomberg and his socialite City Planner Amanda the People’s Burden reckless Tsunami of community crushing development that killed way too many people.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Christine Quinn Mini-me Two Blogs, a YouTube by Suzannah B. Troy but not credited by The NY Times

Christine Quinn do you want her for mayor? Mike Bloomberg's mini-me? Thanks for quoting me in The NY Times Christine Quinn!

Thanks for quoting me in  The NY Times Christine Quinn....rewind, flashback...Mike calling me and fellow bloggers lawless partisan bloggers --- nice to know I could make a difference!  Guess that is why my entire YouTube channel was wrongly removed by accident due to spam yeah right before the election..... Christine Quinn and The NY Times how about crediting me?

Christine Quinn do you want her for mayor? Mike Bloomberg's mini-me?

Vote for Christine Quinn if you want Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term....running NYC from the golf course!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Christine Quinn Protest Plaza Hotel Dinkins Says He is Voting for Thompson, Reminder from Suzannah B. Troy Thompson Quinn allowed CityTime Scandal to Flourish They Should Never Ever be Mayor Gays Supporters Outside Plaza Protesting Christne Quinn....You can see Sheldon Silver being handed an anti-Quinn flyer and you can hear the ex-mayor Dinkins saying he supports Billy Thompson anyway.

Anyone following my blog knows Bill Thompson should not run for mayor because he allowed the CityTime the Tax Payers Titanic to flourish close to a billion dollars of waste and John Liu effectively shut down the largest white collar crime ever in NYC government history. In fact SAIC is banned from any city or state contracts right now because of CityTime thanks to John Liu’s gutsy work to stop the tax payers from being robbed but Thompson, Bloomberg and Quinn allowed CityTime to flourish. Christine Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and discouraged council woman Tish James from a 3rd although Tish James a hero continued to fight to expose the corruption that Local 375 exposed all these years.

I dubbed CityTime the tax payers Titanic and I await more arrests including at City Hall of government officials. Bloomberg aided and abetted CityTime to flourish and CityTime is just one of way too many tech projects scandal ridden involving robbing the tax payers of huge amounts of money and for flawed systems. (ECTP 911 Tech System, Board of ed Tech deals....)

That is very important to remember when thinking about who should be our mayor.

Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson should not be mayor of NYC.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

True News Features Suzannah B. Troy Artist Protesting Christine Quinn Slush Read Village Voice Article

True News Featured my photo with the sign Christine Quinn Slush Fund Liar and The Village Voice Article that came out today which is a must read.  Thanks True News.

Just a reminder Mike Bloomberg used slush aka tax payer money to buy a 3rd term along with his own money, back room deals and Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation is his mini-me.  Here we are at the protest where Christine Quinn we heard was  suppose to announce she was running for mayor but she had to enter through the back where the Hotel takes out garbage so it was not to be.  Her ex-Goldman Sach analyst turned "community outreach" did drop the F-bomb all over protestors who had no idea who the little man with the foul mouth was until a political insider enlightened us.  I guess he is there for his Goldman Sachs connections to help Christine Quinn to fund raise because cursing out community members protesting Quinn is not community outreach.

Thanks True New and thank you Village Voice as well for reporting on yet another story City Hall wants covered up like who at City Hall got their tickets fixed by the NYPD Cover UP, SAIC CityTime government officials lobbyists no arrests no news Cover Up, ECTP 911 tech system no arrests Cover-Up, and so much more... time to stop all the cover-ups and get transparent!

Suzannah B. Troy Artist

p.s. my comment posted on VV article.
Christine Quinn is no Harvey Milk although she is attempting to milk marriage equality for everything she can.  She did not join us when we protesting against Diaz’s large group last Sunday instead riding the media blitz.  Christine Quinn is Ms. Slush and Intimidation, Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me and a real estate whore who sold out the people (no offense to sex workers).  She should never be mayor but she will fight to keep a NYC gov just so the tax payers continue to pay her outrageous legal bills.  She thinks the NYC tax payers are her very own Goldman Sachs which is perhaps why she approved Sullivan & Cromwell to represent some of her staff as exposed in The NY Post.