Tuesday, August 2, 2011

True News Features Suzannah B. Troy Artist Protesting Christine Quinn Slush Read Village Voice Article

True News Featured my photo with the sign Christine Quinn Slush Fund Liar and The Village Voice Article that came out today which is a must read.  Thanks True News.

Just a reminder Mike Bloomberg used slush aka tax payer money to buy a 3rd term along with his own money, back room deals and Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation is his mini-me.

http://youtu.be/oDdLBc-d-CQ  Here we are at the protest where Christine Quinn we heard was  suppose to announce she was running for mayor but she had to enter through the back where the Hotel takes out garbage so it was not to be.  Her ex-Goldman Sach analyst turned "community outreach" did drop the F-bomb all over protestors who had no idea who the little man with the foul mouth was until a political insider enlightened us.  I guess he is there for his Goldman Sachs connections to help Christine Quinn to fund raise because cursing out community members protesting Quinn is not community outreach.


Thanks True New and thank you Village Voice as well for reporting on yet another story City Hall wants covered up like who at City Hall got their tickets fixed by the NYPD Cover UP, SAIC CityTime government officials lobbyists no arrests no news Cover Up, ECTP 911 tech system no arrests Cover-Up, and so much more... time to stop all the cover-ups and get transparent!

Suzannah B. Troy Artist

p.s. my comment posted on VV article.
Christine Quinn is no Harvey Milk although she is attempting to milk marriage equality for everything she can.  She did not join us when we protesting against Diaz’s large group last Sunday instead riding the media blitz.  Christine Quinn is Ms. Slush and Intimidation, Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me and a real estate whore who sold out the people (no offense to sex workers).  She should never be mayor but she will fight to keep a NYC gov just so the tax payers continue to pay her outrageous legal bills.  She thinks the NYC tax payers are her very own Goldman Sachs which is perhaps why she approved Sullivan & Cromwell to represent some of her staff as exposed in The NY Post.