Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Corrupt Christine Quinn won't do her duty. Quinn is an expert on "non-speak" she won't take a stand on any issue but she wants to be our mayor!

Christine Quinn, Ms. Slush and Intimidation, Mike Bloomberg's mini-me won't take a stance on anything except equal rights same sex marriage which the majority of New Yorkers support. She has over 2 million in her war chest for her run for mayor. Google councilpedia and look up her donors -- mostly real estate pals she and Mike helped while the majority of New Yorker's communities where crushed. Quinn hired a speech writer, bought expensive clothing and is working to be a master of spin, smoke and mirrors like Mike Bloomberg. Thanks for pointing out as usual she won't take a stand. Ask her where she stands on unions, the NYPD and FDNY bonuses, school teachers LIFO. She won't give you an answer, just lots of non-answers. Ask her about how she brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime.

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