Monday, March 7, 2011

Christine Quinn wants to be mayor -- Has Anyone asked her about her stance on Unions, School Teachers, FDNY-NYPD Bonuses, etc.

No one will ask Christine Quinn one tough question. When she is asked a question it is a non-anwer.

All we know is she is for equal rights for Gay people and so are the majority of New Yorkers.

She has been City Council speaker for how many years and what has she actually done to bring forth equality for gay people?

Not enough.

What has she done to get a hospital open and running in the West Village that millions of people need gay, straight....

Quinn is being treated like Mike Bloomberg and she got herself a speech writer. She has lost weight

and look at all her donors starting with the Rudin family.
We don't need Mike Bloomberg for a 4th term.

Christine Quinn -- Explain how you brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime!!!!!!!