Monday, July 16, 2012

Tom Hanks Donates to Christine Quinn? Message Drop Dead NYers

Tom Hanks donated $500 to  

I was sent the above....find it hard to believe.   Can't be Tom Hanks the actor producer.

Anyone who donates to Christine Quinn supports her drop dead New Yorkers message -- 
she allowed St. Vincent's to close -- she is not pressuring Cy Vance to prosecute St. Vincent's crooks,
why....afraid of drawing attention to the Rudiin acquisition of St. Vincent's?

Hard to believe Tom Hanks a producer of John Adams HBO series
could support Christine Quinn because FYI George Washington would have hung Mike Blomberg and his mini-me Christine Quinn for treason.  Treason post got from someone's article I posted here.

Bloomberg and Quinn are so arrogant -- they really act and think they are royalty above the law and above accountability.  FYI George Washington was offered the kingship of America and he now thanks 2 terms and 2 terms only.  I wish we could have term limits for all elected officials because the majority become self serving politicos that abuse tax payer money and enjoy every kick back and back room deal with the People being screwed....hint we have  17 Trillion dollar deficit and look under Bloomberg how defense contractors, NASA and Fortune 500 companies are in my opinion falsely billing us and happen to run mega millions to billions of dollars over budget and Bloomberg, Mark Page, city council green light it.

John Liu and Tish James are part of a small minority NYC gov that say NO!
Christine Quinn brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime.  Why are there no arrests of NYC gov officials in the CityTime scandal.   Some folks like me are waiting of indictments on the 911 tech systems!

They pushed through an illegal third term!

Thanks Tom!  

ps  Tom and all you people so wrong to donate to Christine Quinn Mike's mini-me a puppet that makes everything about gay gay gay gay gay  the gay card... I am pro gay but I want someone with brains that will work 7 days a week to represent all The People of NYC not denying them a referendum.

Tom if we have a blood bath -- another terror attack here in NYC we have no hospital here.

Nothing.   St. Vincent's was a trauma level 1 hospital and Christine Quinn is too busy taking money from the Rudin family, bad xeroxes of their grandparents who made the billion dollars.