Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CityTime ECTP Hold Your Nose Stinks in the Billions Tax Payer Abuse and Cover-ups

Juan Gonzalez has an article today inspired by this new Press Release!
Guess what ECTP- 911 Tech System another Tax Payer's Titanic for the NYC tax payers who are being robbed in what must be the billions with ECTP and CityTime alone not to mention all the other failed or flawed corrupt contracts mostly tech under king bloomberg where he outsourced to crooks?

Look at John Liu's press releases on tech contracts -- google John Liu CityTime 2 and you get a hint of the problem because he understates but if you want a good laugh and more on what is not reported including by Juan read this


We paid Garter how much to tell us about the FDNY and NYPD when they are not the problem with the 911 tech system but corruption directly involving the billing is and want another laugh just like CityTime look to the lobbyists --- by the way CityTime how is Sal Salmone doing and all of Rudy's boys lobbyists SAIC and another Rudy aluminst TechnoDyne and Northrup Grumman ECTP....ho all the exclusives.   Anybody going to report Gerard Denault sued SAIC and um I think he um won and SAIC has to pay his legal bills and all the SAIC shareholders suing SAIC over um err CityTime!  SAIC shareholders are holding SAIC top officials accountable which is more than we are doing and how about NYC gov officials -- all exclusives on my blog for how long?

Old press release ECTP dubbed CityTime 2.

I dubbed NYCAPS CityTime 3.

Please can I still a thousand dollars from you?  You would be really angry and call the NYPD on me yes?
But New Yorker don't seem to care and at City Hall most city council members not all are below average representing the People but excellent at exploiting and abusing their positions -- they are joke and all they can do is blame the NYPD for everything while the enable the largest White Collar Crimes under Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.  John Liu is the only person to attempt to shut this down at City Hall. 
Tish James gets a gold star for CityTime.

Explain how City Council approved 14 million dollars more to Raytheon a defense contractor -- wasn't 500  million dollars enough for the FDNY Wireless system.

What up New Yorkers.

I know we have very little hope because we don't have leaders that are smart and hard working just crafty to do what is best for themselves and deflect their lack of hard work by going on and on about the NYPD any chance so cover-up.    We have the most corrupt representation with a few exceptions ever in NYC gov with Bloomberg and Christine Quinn their teams and how many city council members that can't get a 6 figure job any where else and do as little as possible for the community but the most possible for themselves  -- look to Christine Quinn and her very own district where there is no hospital -- no Trauma Level 1 hospital as she and Bill Rudin -- the developer she sold her community out to brag about bringing in a new school for kids.....great push luxury condo and more adults and kids who mystically and magically do not need a hospital?  Christine Quinn and Bill Rudin -- you don't get much greedier and stupid than them except for Mike Bloomberg and his commissioner of City Planning Amanda Burden.