Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christine Quinn Confronted PS 41 Sneaking out Back Door by Dumpster

Pay attention:  I give her hell and she gives me her telephone number and agrees to meet with me and famed Civil Rights Lawyer Norman Siegel.

I am shouting because Christine Quinn silenced 200 voices mostly of her very own district  that wanted to testify before  City Council that they want a full service trauma level 1 hospital!

Christine Quinn isn't calling for an investigation of why her own district was locked her -- harder har and she isn't calling for an investigation as to why an ambulance took 35 minutes to respond for a 75 year old man that fainted.

I take her own about term limits and Bloomberg and 
I ask her about Emily Giske and if Mark Guma gets to call in favors Cy Vance.
It is laughable when you here Quinn talk about democracy when she and Bloomberg trying to run this city like Putin -- Partnership for NY aka Oligarchs of NYC!

When we protest we always get Christine Quinn trying to escape in or out a back door to avoid her critics!

You can see Christine Quinn is with her NYPD and one NYPD gentleman is HUGE but he never blocks me or intimidates me!