Friday, October 29, 2010

Term Limits, Vote YES -- Question 1 I posted Elizabeth Forel, animal rights activists but it applies to all us with how we have been lied to and how our communities have been crushed by NYU, Columbia University, Cooper Union and all greedy reckless developers that doesn't use higher ed as a tax shelter and supersized & crushed our neighborhoods = displacement, mass amount of infrastructure breaks


This is not directly animal related -- but has a definite connection.  Because of the heavy handed extension of term limits in 2008, we were stuck with Christine Quinn and Bloomberg for another 4 years (from 2009), which meant no animal legislation would pass.  

Please go to the polls on Tuesday, November 2nd and Vote yes on Question 1  

If you are disgusted with politics and thought about sitting it out on Tuesday -- THINK AGAIN.

Your vote is crucial to once again return the City Charter to a two term limit for elected officials.

Vote YES on Question 1 in the Charter.

NYC voters adopted a limit of two terms for elected city officials in 1993. In 1996, voters rejected a ballot proposal to extend the limit to three terms. What about that did the City Council and Mayor Bloomberg not understand.? Yet, in 2008, under Bloomberg and Christine Quinn's heavy, heavy hand, the City Council (which always votes according the the speaker) changed the term limits law from two to three consecutive terms. This was a disgrace and its far reaching effects of betraying the trust of the people are still not known.


Voting YES will bring back the two term limit. It also will PROHIBIT the City Council from altering their own term limits and those of current elected officials. AT LAST - how good is that!!!!!

Voting no will keep the status quo.
So please go to the polls on Tuesday - they are open until 9. Let's take democracy back to the people.

Check out the voting guide you received in the mail recently. Make sure you understand how to mark the ballot because the instructions are apparently incorrect. It is really very easy -- I did it in September at the primary.

Elizabeth Forel
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