Saturday, October 16, 2010

NY Post gets two women CEO to sell Mike Bloomberg's mini-me Christine Quinn's propaganda about helping women, interview the CEO's manicurist and the women that sweep up their hair where they get their hair cut

Shame on The NY Post for selling the lie.  The editors do not have the courage to actually go out there and meet with women that are minorities in the front line -- some who are forced to work a 6 day week or 7 day week or be fired.  I fear some of these women have to turn over their tips as well.  You have two wealthy women in positions of power that I am guessing are white but why not let their manicurists and the women that sweep the floors where they get their hair cut write an op ed piece.   Stop the economic racism, the misogyny including the women that are members of the boy's club and selling the lies for Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn. I have never seen so many empty story fronts and so many small businesses forced out. Mike used one for his campaign office on Broadway by12th.  If a small business can prove hardship than they can be excused from paying sick days but otherwise people need sick days and we need strong monitoring of men and women being forced to work 6 or 7 days a week that have not idea what it is to have a sick day. In case the NY Post removed this because they do not want opposing views I will post on my blog.