Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christine Quinn Real Estate or Real Corruption? Protestors outside a fund raiser not far from Gracie Mansion!!!!!!!!

Christine Quinn is aggressively fund raising to make herself the next mayor of New York.  Didn't I read a New York Post editorial about Quinn using tax payer money to in so many words by "favor" or should I say loyalty of City Council members.....when she can't get them to her bidding intimidation will do.

Christine Quinn betrayed the voters, the people of New York denying us a referendum.  She said we need Mike Bloomberg to help us threw these tough financial times.  Well he hasn't unless you are rich already and the economic down turn is heading towards a depression if you are middle class or poor here in NYC.

Christine Quinn has tried to pass herself off as Jane Jacobs and she is not.  Quinn is in bed with developers including in her own district support Donal Trump busting through zoning at Spring and Varrick where a construction worker died and Trump is being sued by people that bought condos in his hotel there.

The two YouTubes above are made by two gay men that feel she has betrayed gays and all New Yorkers.

The above link is my YouTube asking if you want Mike Bloomberg's puppet as mayor

It was a beautiful night and I enjoyed the people that turned out and the many New Yorkers we chatted with except one elderly white rich sexist pig woman that told us Christine Quinn supports women's rights and we as women should all go home and shut up.  How could anyone who believes in women's rights tell women to shut up and go home.