Sunday, April 28, 2013

Christine Quinn Loses NY Magazine as Campaign Manager?

NY Mag No Longer Going to be Christine Quinn's campaign manager?

Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg's mini me.  While protesting her, a man pushing a stroller on the upper west side defended Bloomberg, Quinn's puppet master.  I responded, yeah u support him because u r 1 of the few people that can afford to have a baby and live here!  Quinn sold the lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy.  Quinn and her spouse certainly grew richer along with everyone contributing to her campaign. 6 months before Mike barely won his illegal 3rd term I predicted Mike might not win due to voter anger.  My Youtube channel was removed illegally for 28 hours before the election to close to call.  The voter anger against Quinn is even higher.  She is in trouble. 

By the way Mike and Mrs Bloomberg have little to say about the violence here in NYC not gun related like the exclusive video footage The NY Post posted of high school girls in Queens including punching a girl in the face and stepping on her face as she lay on the ground in a melee of beat downs in a school play ground. I was violently punched after a serious of shockingly rude actions that violated my patient rights including to a safe environment.  The 01 Precinct that protects City Hall and some if the richest most arrogant people not from the UES fixed me being so violently punched that without eye surgery I would have lost my vision in my left eye.  Quinn's chief of staff has a friend at the 01. Let's ask Chuck for a comment on no arrest and Dr Fagelman's refusal to fire Delita Hooks. 

I would ask Quinn but she is incapable of a straightforward honest answer. I dub her waffling, lies and subterfuge "Quinning" like when she told me and Norman Siegel at a meeting at City Hall she did not know how she would vote the next day for either Rudin Luxury Condos or zoning for a Hospital only!!!  That is Quinning but her sell-out Quinning is about winning at all costs!!!

St Vincent's Hospital was Trauma Level 1 with AIDS Care and a Rape Crisis Center. What did Quinn promise Gloria S.  not feminist but sell-outs that get down with billionaire men in the most unfeminist ways because it is about money, greed and stupidity.  Ask Glora, Quinn and Stringer all faux feminist where Rape Victims r to go?  (Charles Barron was the soul city council member 1 city council member to vote with Quinn's community for a hospital.  Her own district has vowed overwhelmingly to vote against her.)

Bharara let Quinn and Mike walk on slush abuse, their role in CityTime crime instant replay, Quinn is far more ambitious than she is brainy.  

Chris :( xcheer leader ny mag still acting as campaign manager 4Quinn?

For an open lesbian Quinn is in bed with a lot of billionaire men, she goes down on a phalanx of oligarchs of nyc sell-out!!!