Monday, April 29, 2013

"ABQ" Anybody but Quinn Mayoral Debate Gay Community Center

                          "ABQ" Anybody but Quinn  Mayoral Debate Gay Community Center

Photographer warned Quinn Supporters not to have a heart attack because there is no Hospital in the immediate area.

Christine Quinn supporters asked the photographer would he support Quinn.
He responded no -- I cannot support her because she sold out the community so now there is no hospital and took the Rudin Family funds.

John Liu had 2 groups of  supporters outside but no other mayoral representation from other rivals.....

ps was this a sneak event because most people has no idea this was even happening...
is Quinn that afraid of critics showing up and booing.....?


DATE Monday April 29
TIME 7 pm
PLACE LGBT Center, 208 West 13th

Hosted jointly by:
Downtown Independent Democrats
Village Independent Democrats
Village Reform Democrats
Manhattan Young Democrats
Greater NYC for Change

Do they need a trauma level 1 hospital with Rape Crisis Center and AIDS Care?