Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rudin, Trinity Trustees and...? contributions to Christine Quinn

Note from Suzannah:  Hey folks -- I am just an artist -- this blog my journal -- heard on the street...
what do you think?   For more on Christine Quinn and Rudin absolutely dirty dealings screwing the West Village out of a full service trauma level 1 hospital -- no fight for protective zoning because kick backs for Rudin luxury condos right Chris Quinn?

Trinity Trustees and Lawyer contributions to Christine Quinn: ~ $65,000.00 (With influx in last 9 months)
Law Firm Wachtell Lipton (~$7800.00)

Evelyn & William Lauder ($30,000 to Christine Quinn)

Kiam:  250.00 to Quinn

Rudin Family ($20,300.00 to Quinn + $9,900.00 From Rudin employees)

Ari Shalam (500 to Quinn only 2008)


Ann G Tenenbaum:  2500 to Quinn 

Martha & John Watts: (1250.00 to Quinn only in 2007)