Thursday, May 10, 2012 Quinn caught sneaking out the back of public school West Village behind St Vincent's past a dumpster rather than face critics but I caught her and confronted her. She had called the 6th Precinct on us but they didn't violate our 1st Amendment rights. Quinn continues to flush democracy down the tiolet. I had a meeting with Norman Siegel where she lied to us stating she did not know which way she would vote and the next day she voted in favor of Rudin luxury condos. A source told me Rudin and flunkies have funneled 100 grand to her on the books. In this video I say 30 grand and she denies it.

This will take you to a series of links re: the meeting, demands I handed her and to date she has done nothing except lie from term limits, democracy, slush abuse, real estate kick backs and she thinks the gay card and gay power brokers can make her troubles go away. I suggest Kim get a prenup because Quinn won't be mayor and than she will have to pay staggering legal bills she has further burden tax payers with for her and her staff.

Interesting she never filled the slush abuse watch dog position as exposed by Josh Margolin The NY Post.

She also brushed aside 2 investigations brought by Tish James in to City Time. Richard Valcich's letter has Bill Thompson's name bottom of every page next to Bloomberg exposing major corruption CityTime SAIC so he too should be disqualified from future Public service.