Saturday, April 9, 2011

Email mayor Mike Bloomberg demand Christine Quinn’s legal bill be posted on NYC Gov MY Money NYC/check book/ NYC + listen to Quinn scream at NYDN reporter like she the emperor of NYC not a public servant!

Email Mike Bloomberg! Tell him Christine Quinn and her staff’s HUGE lawyer bills for $600 an hour lawyers + Sullivan and Cromwell the same firm Goldmans Sach uses must be put on NYC gov website and Quinn must resign now! She has been sued 4 times for back rent! 4x but she hires the most expensive defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar Crime for her and her staff? She can’t handle her own money and she abuses tax payers money.

FYI: Mike’s mini me throw a hissy fit like her puppet master Mike Bloomberg, when he thinks he really is the emperor of NYC and verbally abused one of the NYDN reporters who calling her MA’m

Click here to her Quinn sounding like a little emperor -- her hear in her very own words!!!!