Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christine Quinn abuses news reporter just like Mike Bloomberg Control Freak Abuser of Power and tax payer money

Christine Quinn Mike’s Mini-Me ABUSES A Reporter Power and way too much Tax Payer Money has gone to Quinn’s head! by Suzannah B. Troy

From NY1 "The controversy began at a news conference when a reporter referred to the speaker as "ma'am" instead of "Madam Speaker."
"You should actually call me 'speaker' and you would be referred to as 'ma'am,'" said Quinn. "It's my press conference, so I actually decide what words are necessary."
My new tube Tax Payer Slush Money Horror + Quinn is the one who approved mega-bucks billers top defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime.

Vote Quinn OUT of office -- we do not need a control freak -- we can’t have 4 more years -- this is a democracy....