Saturday, July 6, 2013

Christine Quinn Failed Autobiography Bail-out by NY Public Library vs Unauthorized Bio

Christine Quinn uses and abuses our tax payer money every which way and Preet Bharara put her on his "Preet's Teflon Protect" list so she walked on slush abuse, set up a puppet to head the "slush watch dog position" so in essence there is no slush watch dog like Andy Cuomo who let pay to play raider of NY Pensions pay not to plead guilty and pay no to go to jail and Andy Cuomo let witness tampering Dave Paterson Mr. Perjury walk with help from Judge Judy Kaye who "married Quinn faux political wedding and Vito Lopez political mob boss sex abuser was also invited -- some feminist Quinn is who supported Rudin Condos instead of a Trauma Level 1 hospital with AIDS care and a RAPE CRISIS Center --- all not in her auto-biograhphy which sold less than a 100 books until her as usual pals came to her rescue that being the embattled NY Public library happy to waste tax payer money no a book most New Yorker would not use to prop open a door let alone read.....

Let's see how many people show up for a book signing of Christine Quinn's unathorized biography published in a 3 part volume by Occup U Copy a derivative of Occupy Wall Street -- a first for the movement

is that why a uniformed NYPD office broke the Handshcu agreement photographing the LGBT against Quinn banner in the Gay Pride Parade courtesy perhaps of NYPD Intelligence Division that  spies and harasses critics of Bloomberg Quinn as well as violates NYPD Protocol?

For those who don't know "Blue Stockings has a Feminist connotations to great place to expose a feminist fraud.

Roots of Betrayal : Bluestockings Book Signing and Discussion photo Roots-of-Betrayal-Bluestockings-Promotion_zps8cd631e5.jpg

One of Our Most Popular Blog Posts Of All Time

Here you have it ➔ Christine Quinn Keeps Her Hand In The Cookie Jar : Her Use of Slush Funds ContinuesOur Most Popular Blog Post Ever : Christine Quinn's Use of Slush Funds ContinueAt the end of 2010, The NYTimesexposed the fact that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinncontinues her practise of using controversial City Council discretionary funds. She continues to dole out taxpayer money without any accountability or oversight, even though it is almost two years after The NYTimes reported that Speaker Quinn oversaw the allocation of discretionary funds to fake groups : ‘’… her office had continued a seven-year-old practice of squirreling away money so it could be handed out away from the public eye.’’

Louis Flores Unauthorized Biography Christine Quinn at St. Marks Bookshop East Village

Author: Louis Flores with unauthorized
biography on Christine Quinn at St. Mark's Bookshop!
31 3rd Avenue
East Village

Occucopy did printing a new cooperative project!

Available at St. Marks Book Store by the front register starting Friday

East Village and now available Book Thug Nation in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Christine Quinn Unauthorized Bio Better Than Cats

Christine Quinn Failed Autobiography Bail-out by NY Public Library vs Unauthorized Bio

Note:  I and Louis Flores were at the fore front of the anti-Quinn movement for mayor
but very folk taking credit and they are so rich yet won't help support this book 
which Quinn's mistake wasn't doing their will -- they do not really care about her 
corrupt dealings in my opinion as much as they care that she just didn't do what
she wanted.....

More on NYPD and handshcu agreement re: NYPD out of control even with a camera....