Friday, March 15, 2013

Chris Matthews Hard Ball No Balls Interview Christine Quinn

The fix is in and just like Piers Morgan no one in the media has the courage to ask tough questions and expose Christine Quinn as a liar who also sits on a fence and will not take a stance on anything.

Norman Siegel and I met with her at City Hall about Rudin luxury condos instead of a hospital and she locked out her own district and Norman  Siegel asked her how are you going to vote tomorrow and she said "I do not know".  If that wasn't cowardly and a lie -- I don't know what is.

She lied on NY1 and said she was on top of CityTime.  Truth is she brushed aside 2 investigations in to City Time and it is shocking Preet Bharara has not cross examined her.  All the questions from the investigations were under oath so why no arrests and Quinn as well as bloomberg and Mark Page should be held accountable but oh yeah this is not a democracy

and no one slamming her for her role in slush abuse and pushing through an illegal third term.

Now she wants to move up the election to the summer because they know there is low voter turn out and she may barely win if at all and The NY Times is trying to help her win in a summer election when there would be even less people turning out to vote.

No one will confront her on her role in Board of election corruption as she appoints everyone and ditto for her role in slush abuse.  She did not appoint a slush dog except in name although I can't get the name.  Ask her one slush abuse this slush watch dog shut down.

The media so fearful of their bosses to do their jobs and talking heads just too poorly educated on NYC gov corruption or too empty headed to care and cowardly?