Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Sugar War Fizzles Along with Christine Quinn No Hospitals a Killer  Mike declaring a war on sugar -- how about declaring a war on corruption at City Hall?  How about the 911 Tech system called ECTP that Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn and her puppets allowed to over-run a billion dollars tax payer money and running....CityTime, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, NICE, FDNY Wireless handing Raytheon 14 million more dollars and oh Diana Taylor said she would resign if the art handlers got a raise at Sotheby’s!  They did so resign you corurpt horrible woman from Sotheby’s and every board including Zuccotti that your corurpt pal Mike got you on.

In my opinion Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, Scott Stringer, and Bill DeBlasio should never ever  be mayor.   Liu is in trouble and certainly has huge amounts of bad press but he did try and stop the largest white collar crimes EVER in NYC gov history starting with CityTime and ECTP the 911 Tech system.
Why are there no arrests of NYC gov officials and Nixon like resignations starting with Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.   Don’t forget Christine Quinn’s horrifying role in allowing St. Vincent’s hospital to close, she isn’t pressuring Cy Vance to prosecute the St. Vincent’s crooks -- why?
Afraid that Bill Rudin my get unwanted attention re: his acquistion.   Google Christine Quinn unairbrushed and read more huge scandals St. Vincent’s involving Christine Quinn and major cover-ups that no newspaper is willing to report!

Not having a trauma level 1 hospital will kill a lot of people and children faster than drinking sugary drinks.