Thursday, December 8, 2011

NY Post Calls Quinn a Lady (Lie!) and Homeless People Tramps Shameful!

Whom ever does NY Post headers either had turrets or mental illness...
Quinn no lady and homeless People are not tramps.

Parody number three -- I dress up in drag as Christine Quinn and I tell you how I abuse the homeless -- starting with the group “Picture the Homeless” who Quinn attempted to ban from City Hall meetings and how she blocked intro 48 Parody 3 -- Christine Quinn big fat liar -- I don’t care how much weight she loses.

Quinn and Bloomberg play good cop bad cop but it is smoke mirrors and lies -- the goal to get Mike’s mini-me in office to protect  wall street, real estate, etc.  greed and stupidity at the expense of the People of NYC.

Stop the madness vote Quinn out -- make her pay her own legal bills!!!!!!!!   Her bills are 6 figures...she thinks tax payers Goldman Sachs!