Monday, July 18, 2011

Christine Quinn Human Rights Record Lowest Score of All Manhattan City Council Members

Michael Johnson
11:24:08 AM
Jul 18, 2011
How about human rights? Quinn received the lowest score of all Manhattan council members Equality Justice's 2010 report card. She has totally abandoned her progressive roots and constituents to curry favor with the real estate industry, which is funding her campaign.
Daniel Peckham
11:43:18 AM
Jul 18, 2011
Christine Quinn is a blatant liar. She says one thing in public and then when you come to her for help she does nothing. At Fordham Univerity before a meeting of Tenants, she told the audience not one tenant will be lost. Four were lost in my building due to harassment and her unwillingness to help. One who is a Vietnam vet is now homeless according to several neighbors who saw him on the street. I confronted Ms. Quinn at Harmony House at a meeting about the Westside Railyards, how her aid Jesus Fernandez who when shown the harassment at a meeting in our building replied: "The landlords have all the money, they win. Don't quote me.", and refused to do anything. Her response was that was an error and sent an aid to get my number saying they would call and help. They did not. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how the laws are not being enforced all the way up the the court of appeals. We need to have elected officials that insist the laws be enforced. Ms. Quinn is